Zorin OS 15.2 Ultimate Iso Free Download x64

Zorin OS Ultimate 15.2 Free Download x64

Zorin OS 15.2 Ultimate Iso Free Download x64 +Full Version Review:

Zorin OS 15.2 Ultimate iso free download is based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. Users of the new version will have access to a number of updated applications, as well as receive future updates for the Linux kernel, including Linux Kernel 5.3, through the Canonical Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE). 

When using it, it’s easy to forget that the Zorin OS crack free download desktop is based on the GNOME Shell, that is, the very same GNOME shell used almost everywhere today.

Zorin OS 15 Ultimate Description

The operating system in front of you, as mentioned in the beginning, is part of the Linux-based operating system. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Zorin OS 15 Ultimate Free Download is the ability to change the interface. Unlike other familiar name operating systems, such as Windows or Mac, you can change the interface of your operating system depending on your needs.

Another key feature of Zorin OS 15 Ultimate ISO is the ability to run Windows software on this product. With the help of Wine and PlayOnLinux technology you can install and run Windows software and games on Zorin OS 15 Ultimate ISO. The true synergy between the different parts of Zorin OS 15 Ultimate ISO Free Download, along with its different functionality, makes it possible for you to experience the right user interface. Also, your access to different parts of your computer is increasing more than ever, and you can access and monitor all of the different parts as well.

Features of the Zorin OS Ultimate iso free version:

• It has a full set of functions of the basic version, as well as a number of additions:
• 6 desktop layouts, including macOS and Ubuntu;
• Additional preinstalled software, including Blender and GIMP;
• 20 pre-installed games, including SuperTuxKart;
• Access to XFCE based Lite version;
• Access to support.

What’s new in Zorin OS 15.2 Ultimate iso Free Download:

• Increased safety and hardware compatibility:
• Many embedded system technologies have improved security, compatibility, and performance.
• Currently, Zorin OS 15.2 free download iso is running Linux Kernel version 5.3, which introduces new security patches, so you can be sure that you are using the safest version of Zorin OS crack in history.

In addition, support for even more hardware has been included, such as:
• AMD Navi GPUs including Radeon RX 5700
• 10th Generation Intel Processors
• New MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards and touchpads

Newer applications:

• After installing Zorin OS 15.2, you will have the latest versions of preinstalled packages.
• This means that after installing Zorin OS free ultimate download, fewer software updates will be downloaded to your computer.
• New versions of applications, such as LibreOffice and the GNU Image Manufacturing Program, were introduced so that you can continue to work and be creative.

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Zorin OS Ultimate v.15.2 Free Download x64

System requirements:

• CPU: 1 GHz Dual Core – 64-bit
• RAM: 2 GB
• Storage: 20 GB
• Display: 800 x 600 resolution


File: Zorin-OS-15.2-Ultimate-64-bit.iso
CRC32: 6833F39C
MD4: 746E503ED153F6F33E203BBC12DF4A41
MD5: 838890ED45094D88E35F4B136F9643D1
SHA-1: E2E743C7976AD3E84A35E2C3E441430120C2EF92

Information of Zorin OS Ultimate iso free download:

Release Date: March 5, 2020
Title: Zorin OS Ultimate
Version: v.15.2
Developer: Zorin / Artyom Zorin
Architecture: 64 bit
Interface language: English / multilingual
Tabletka: Not required
Size: 4.23 GB

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