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Video Thumbnails Maker Crack full Review:

Video Thumbnails Maker Free Download is a program for removing thumbnails, caps, screenshots, and thumbnails from video files. The utility can be used when cataloging a home video collection, accompanying videos uploaded to the network.

Video Thumbnails Maker crack, a very useful image editor that works with multimedia files. Actually, it is designed to create screenshots that have been displayed. A very useful program for those users who upload video files on the Internet. 

It is this program that will help you create an idea of ​​your multimedia release since you will get a fully-shot screenshot from the video file without watching the video itself. The screenshot will contain all the summary technical information about the video clip or movie.

The program will group the keyframes of the movie and provide you with a high-quality screenshot, with all the additional information about this multimedia file. Information – detailed, basic technical information, you will see in the upper left corner of the screenshot.

Video Thumbnails Maker – a very useful image editor that works with the multimedia files. Actually he is in order to create a storyboarded screenshots. 

A very useful program for those users who are posting video files on the Internet. This program will help you to create a multimedia presentation about your release, as you get a fully storyboarded screenshot from the video file, without viewing the video. 

Why Does Softiver website think about it?

The program grapefruit keyframes of video clips and provide you with a screenshot of high quality with any additional information about the multimedia file. In the screenshot, there will be all the summary technical information about the video or film.

Video Thumbnails Maker can be extracted from video files such as graphic elements as; sketches, CBSA, previews, and screenshots. 

The program will be especially useful to all users who spread the video online, where the necessary screen-caste and storyboarded screenshots. Realizaram – journalists sites who work with video files, this program will be especially useful.

Features of Video Thumbnails Maker Portable free download:

• Support for batch processing of video files.
• Support for almost any video format (at least MOV, QT, FLV, SWF, RM). The main thing is that you have a suitable codec in your system.

• Ability to pause/continue or end the current task at any time.
• Ability to save frames separately.
• Import / export presets.

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• Native preset file format (* .vtm). When you start the preset, the program and the options window with the imported settings automatically open. Very comfortable.
• 5 standard presets.

• Watermarks (with support for transparency and alpha channels).
• You can use your own pictures as the background of the preview.
• Option to automatically adjust frame height to width.

• Option to automatically adjust the size of the thumbnail to the resolution of your screen.
• Special effects (shadows, cropping corners of frames, black and white frames).
• Customizable fonts, colors of frames, outlines, text, shadows, background.

Video Thumbnails Maker Portable build-in Extra Features:

• Timestamp option in the frame (in corners or in the center, with or without outline, transparency).
• Arbitrary configuration and location of video information in the picture.

• Option to add audio and video info about the file.
• Option to add your own line to the picture.
• Replacing black frames, combining several pictures into one.
• Hotkeys.

What’s new Video Thumbnails Maker:

new: VTM introduces the third animation format – WebP.
WebP format is best for Home usage (it has VTX capabilities, small file size, the quality is great, up to 10 seconds of animation). It is fully supported by SUU Design software.

new: WebM / APNG / WebP selector is added to the Environment window. More info in tooltip pop-up windows.

changed: Audio / Video information module is updated.
changed: Few cosmetic changes.
fixed: Rare Ultimate engine crashes are fixed.

fixed: VTM did not allow to select animation duration greater than 5 seconds for WebM animation format.
fixed: VTM is used by Videonizer’s “Generate and add Screenslists” feature. That feature used to stop. responding after processing a certain amount of files in a batch.

Information about Video Thumbnails Maker portable Free :

Title: Video Thumbnails Maker Platinum.
Key: Portable built-in.
Size: 19.2 Mb.

Release Year: 2019.
File type: RAR archive.
Interface language: Ml / Eng & etc.
Operating System: Windows® / XP / Vista / 7 / 8-10.

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Download Video Thumbnails Maker Platinum (27 MB)

Video Thumbnails Maker Platinum (27 MB) Freee Download

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