Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1 Mac x64 Free Download

Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1 Mac download free
Vectorworks 2019 SP5

Download Vectorworks 2020 SP3.1 for MacOS Free Download

Vectorworks is a line of industry-specific 2D/3D design and BIM software solutions that allows designers to advance their ideas from concept through completion. More than half a million users around the world transform the world with Vectorworks every day.

Sketch and Model in 2D and 3D
Freely sketch, model, and document your design ideas with precision drafting capabilities and the most flexible 3D modeling engine available, powered by SIEMENS Parasolid. You’re not limited by presets and strict parameters — you have the flexibility you need to design anything you can imagine.

Save Time While You Design
Increase your efficiency by automatically generating reports from your designs. Run “what if” scenarios and automate schedules and calculate costs to maximize each design element.

Work with Anyone
We offer the most default import/export capabilities available, as well as support for, and direct links with AutoCAD, Rhino, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D.

Completely Customizable
Need to solve a specific design problem? Vectorworks is also a robust CAD platform that can be easily customized. Whether you’re looking to automate a routine task or develop a custom application, we can help.

– Build on top of Vectorworks with a robust API and SDK
– Create Python scripts to automate routine tasks or develop custom tools

Create Powerful Presentations
With an extensive suite of drawing, illustration, and rendering tools, Vectorworks allows you to produce remarkable line drawings and 3D presentations so you’ll impress even the toughest of clients.

The basics of working with Vectorworks 2019 serial number Free:

• Layers (layers) and Classes (classes) determine the structure of the document.
• Viewports (viewport, viewport) and Views (views) are used to display images and display them in print format. These tools are used together to provide flexibility in organizing and viewing a document.
Layers are of two types – Design Layers (Design layers) and Sheet Layers (Layers sheets).

• Design Layers are used to create drawings. They are similar to the layers of Photoshop or Illustrator, but in contrast to them they have a third dimension along the Z axis, i.e. thickness and height relative to each other. For example, if you want to place a wall of a house 5 meters high on a layer, the layer thickness can be made the same. Thus, a three-dimensional representation of the model is realized.

Design layers can be hidden and displayed if necessary to show certain aspects of the design. Objects placed together in design layers are related to each other in a three-dimensional workspace. In this case, the layers can have a different scale (scale).

• Sheet Layers are mainly used to prepare documents for printing. Objects placed on design layers are placed on sheet layers using viewports. Thus, Sheet Layers are interconnected representations of a drawing, with annotations; using them you can prepare a design project for presentation in electronic and printed form.

• Classes are used to associate objects placed on layers, that is, to classify objects. Classes have certain properties for displaying objects, such as color. Classes allow you to speed up and simplify the process of working on a project, because thanks to them, the properties of the object can be determined directly when creating the object.
Each object can only be assigned, one class. Each object can be composed of other objects nested into each other, each of which can be assigned, different classes.

• Views of a project are essentially a combination of certain layers (Design Layers) and classes (objects correlated with certain classes and placed at the same time on certain layers.). View is somewhat like a snapshot of a combination of layers and classes.

The plane of the layer (Layer Plane) is associated with the layer (design layer) and is constantly present on it. This plane is used as a constant reference point (including for binding the coordinate system) of a layer in three-dimensional space.

In addition to the Layer Plane, a second plane (Working Plane or Work Plane) can be placed on the layer – at any point in the space of the layer and at any angle. The Working Plane is used to create three-dimensional objects relative to the coordinates of this Working Plane.

A closer look at Vectorworks 2019 serial number Free Download :

Vectorworks software design and modeling software developed by experts in Britain is excellent. The rival software programs and tools such as AutoCAD provides it. The greatest and most famous mansions and buildings and designers in Europe British architect have the software and its creators closely with architects and requiring architects of Europe and a very good and interesting to their needs in this application have met. 

This software product is a breakthrough and prospective suppliers, it is in the new version is much better and become more interesting Rendering environments and three-dimensional images taken of the movie and better animation software and Autodesk and AutoCAD presented.

This software environment seems interesting and popular and easy application engineers and architects, and different versions of it with the architectural, mechanical design, lighting, and space environments such as forests and green environment, and .. Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, Renderworks is provided.

the new version altogether in a package is placed and the user can customize the environment to suit their application set, or the environment and tool setting and tool and the other to complete their projects. 

The new version also prepared a variety of models such as bolts Wu .. Table and fixtures such as doors and windows in architecture and objects in a three-dimensional simulation tree like SOP Studio Max there. Most of the buildings.

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System requirements Vectorworks 2019 Download:

• Windows 10 64-bit.
• Windows 8.1 64-bit.
• Windows 8 64-bit.
• Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.

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