TurboCAD 2019 Deluxe, Pro, Platinum Free Download Mac/Win

TurboCAD 2019 Deluxe, Pro, Platinum Free Download Mac/Win

TurboCAD 2019 Download Pro, Deluxe, and Platinum 26 Full Review:

TurboCAD 2019 free download +serial number Mac software application for 2D and 3D design and drawing. TurboCAD Deluxe 2019 free sownload activation come is a version of TurboCAD for the average user without the support of architectural and engineering design tools.

TurboCAD Platinum 2019 free is our state-of-the-art professional 2D / 3D CAD application. Get access to a powerful palette of drawings, ACIS® solid modeling, top-quality photorealistic visualization, advanced architectural and mechanical toolsets, AutoCAD®-style 2D plotting options, and extensive file support.

What’s New in TurboCAD 2019 free download

TurboCAD 2019 download is the ultimate solution for professional CAD design by experienced designers and planners. The program supports more than 25 formats, including AutoCAD and 3D Studio files. TurboCAD Pro Platinum adds to the functionality of the professional version additional design tools and modern technologies for high-quality modeling of mechanical parts and architectural projects of varying complexity.

TurboCAD Mac Pro v10 Review

2D drawing and 3D surface design

TurboCAD Pro – a computer-aided design system built on the combined 2D drawing and 3D surface design, offers full compatibility with 64-bit systems, surface construction on grids, as well as dozens of other new and improved features

Professional design and development capabilities

However, TurboCAD Deluxe contains professional design and development capabilities. TurboCAD Deluxe supports the twenty-five most popular file formats, including AutoCAD® DWG / DXF, MicroStation® DGN, 3DS, IGEN, STL and more. The ability to export developed projects in HTML, JPG, MTX is supported.

Key features TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2019 free Download:

• Highlighting and editing tools
• Joint 2D and 3D design
• Mechanical design using additional tools
• Photorealistic rendering
• Compatible with Microsoft Office
• Rendering and editing styles
• Annotation tools
• Built-in support for Microsoft’s VBA
• Style manager for Architectural design
• Additional drawing tools
• New XREF manager
• Customizable interface
• Import and export drawings in DWG / DXF, Google SketchUp and OBJ / 3DS formats

TurboCAD Pro Platinum version contains a special set of tools for building smooth 3D-surfaces on a grid of points (Smooth Surface Mesh 3D Modeling). Surface editing tools (only in the Platinum version) provide the most accurate and detailed control of 3D models. This version includes a large number of additional technologies – ACIS solid-state modeling technology, D-Cubed technology and Lightworks realistic rendering technology.

In the field of rendering and visualization, TurboCAD Pro Mac 2019 modify materials, lighting and other surface parameters. The new Hatch Pattern Creator hatching module allows you to quickly create your own hatching pattern. In high-quality rendering mode, you can connect an external render of Redsdk.

Particular attention is paid to the integration of TurboCAD Pro Mac 2019 with other systems, including an improved filter for DWG / DXF files, as well as a DGN file filter for loading and saving projects in the MicroStation system format up to version 8. The new 3D printing option allows you to output models directly from TurboCAD Pro environments to the BFB 3D printer through the 3D System printing system.

New Features:


You can choose the angle of inclination – or the angle of inclination related to the direct previous segments (arc or line).

The Add Wall Roof Improvement Tool – Previously, you could only create one roof object. It is possible to create more than one roof.

House Wizard is a great tool to save time by creating a preliminary design of the house, including cabinets, doors, garage and even decks!

Smart Walls – Self-healing walls automatically join and intersect when designing in 2D or 3D. View wall sizes with one click.

Automatic openings for walls – “sliding” doors, windows, arches or any other forms for creating “openings” in walls with associated 2D and 3D views. Even set the vertical alignment properties. Distance to windows and walls for easier and more accurate placement. Also in the inspection field.

Parametric doors and windows. Windows and doors can be scaled to fit your needs. Next, customize with materials and colors.

Hatch Patterns and Fills – Choose from over 70 hatch patterns (including color) to visually identify the various components of your drawings. Also can be used with transparency.

Fractional sizes – display fractions in a complex, diagonal or linear layout to suit your personal preferences.

Point Marker tool – automatically numbers objects, such as rooms, doors or windows. Ideal for creating legends, challenges, or simply matching points and adding notes to your drawing.


Quick Pull for surfaces – Use the Quick Pull tool to extend or push a closed 2D area A 3D object (TC surface) by extrusion.

Improved coordinate measurement tool to enable 3D. In earlier versions of TurboCAD, the tool for measuring the coordinates of the Point tool can only measure X and Y values, since it functions as a two-dimensional tool installed in an active workplace. 3D coordinates of the world coordinate system will be displayed regardless of the active user coordinate system.

New “Create 2D” parameter – a new “Create 2D” parameter has been added for 3D polyline and 3D spline tools. If you enable this option, the polyline (spline) will be flat, then a 2D object will be created instead of 3D.

TurboCAD 2019 download Presentation: 3D Architecture

2D and 3D logic operations – use two existing objects and combine, subtract, intersect or cut to create a new object. Select multiple objects for difficulty or subtraction.

Revolve – Revise a 2D object around the axis of rotation to create a 3D object.

Extrude – Extract complex 3D models from simple 2D shapes.

Swipe – Extrude shapes along a path, ideal for creating custom objects.

Chain polyline – Chain polyline allows you to speed up the design, allowing you to connect intersecting objects or parts of objects into a single polyline that can be extended, rotated or sweeping.

3D Slice – TurboCAD®2019 makes it easy to cut or split one or more 3D objects into new objects by specifying a cut plane. The 3D construction tool allows you to create lines, planes, surfaces, and surfaces.

Color transparency. To get or highlight hidden details in the background.

Slot Tools – Three new slots – a tool for inventors, woodworkers and furniture designers, including a slot, a round slot and a round slot in the center and radius.


Photorealistic rendering engine – TurboCAD Deluxe 2018 uses the LightWorks rendering engine to create stunning presentations. LightWorks integrates directly with TurboCAD’s material editor and includes brightness settings and other lighting controls.

Light and materials. TurboCAD Deluxe 2019 includes a material editor along with a complete library of materials for defining physical and accurate materials. There is also support for lighting and brightness. LightWorks substitutes for materials and lighting images previously processed by RedSDK®.

Design Director – Easily find and browse alternative design options. Create layer templates, light templates, camera templates, and powerful layers for use in various services. Layer filters compatible with f

Tools in TurboCAD Mac Pro Platinum 2019 activation:

• Tools for working with two-dimensional graphics, creating vector drawings and two-dimensional models.
• 14 basic drawing tools for various types of lines.
• Tools for creating various geometric shapes (polygons, ovals, circles, cylinders).
• 13 tools for drawing arcs.
• 5 tools to indicate points (from point to star).
• 6 curve line drawing tools.
• Ability to highlight.
• Special brush tools for combining colors, shading and achieving transparency.
• Use of a parametric grid.
• 9 types of line geometry construction.

Additional tools:

• Easy to use stretching tool.
• Improved templates for dynamic components.
• Editing ACIS objects.
• An expanded set of styles for doors and windows.
• New data entry (coordinate systems) in the landscape tool.
• Drafting Palette tool – works with model surfaces, provides three-dimensional design and automatic rendering of all changes in the project.

About TurboCAD 2019 free download + activation code + serial number:

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32/64-bit) + MacOS.
  • Interface language: English..
  • Release date: 2019.
  • Treatment: Included.
  • Size: 656 Mb / 623 Mb

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