Substance Designer 2019

Substance Designer 2019 Review

Innovation Substance Designer is a software tool that allows you to build “smart” texture generators (called material materials).

The developers of the program have built in a large number of templates and filters, which greatly simplify the work of the designer. For example, there are such filters as “Beatpam into the material”, “Dynamic shadows”, “Cover with rust”, etc. The “Substance Designer” package also includes the “Substance Player” application for viewing the textures you created, as well as the training textures included in the package.

Substance Designer 2019 download supports importing textures from programs such as Photoshop, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Unity 3.4 (and higher). The program allows you to make changes and apply effects in real-time. In addition, Substance Designer 2019 supports a vector image format and can work with layers.
In the new version, a complete redesign of the layer stack has been carried out, new effects, the drag-and-drop function, and a mask preview have been added. The features of the Paint tool have also been improved.

Substance Designer 2019 features

  • You can decide which aspect of the texture to be controlled (for example, the amount of rust present on the painted metal material);
  • The resulting texture will take into account the shape of the geometry (for example, you can only add snow to the object);
  • You can reuse Substance designer 2019 full materials for any other 3D object and get unique custom results;
  • Generate and process all generated textures (primary, normal, etc.) at the same time.

The innovative workflow, node-based workflow and SubstanceDesigner’s procedural aspects are fully compliant with the reality of 3Dproduction.

  • You can work in a non-linear way, which means you can make any changes you want at any time, which is automatically applied to all output of the material. As with the old 3D tools, there is no longer a need to undo(and lose) a large number of steps in the work history for a single modification;
  • The workflow is non-destructive: you can undo anything you do without losing any work – there is no longer the feeling that I can’t get back to that point.
  • Substance Designer 2019 full has an ultra-fast baking tool that generates all the maps you need from the grid.
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A smarter ecosystem. Substance Designer 2019 download is seeing its most important updates, a new version of its core material engine (v7) and an improved scripting API, some impressive new nodes; and performance improvement for bakers.

Flood Fill is gradually becoming the main content of a new generationof crazy creative material authors, so the team brings you new variants; FloodFill To Index (allowing you to provide numbers for each shape) and Flood FillMapper (allowing you every Apply images on shapes).

Improved Python plugin system: The Python plugin system hasbeen changed and is now up to industry standards. Your plugin is nowcreated when the app starts, which allows you to create a persistent plugin.

What’s new in Substance Designer 2019:

• Support curve node and text node
• More expose image format options
• Scan processing & adjustment filters
• Improve Texture management, and more.
• Other bug fixes and improvements
• New instancing for GPU FX-maps
• New 16f/32f bit depth compositing
• New blue noise and shape effects
• Log function and 8k map baking
• Preferences for DirectX/ OpenGL.

Substance designer 2019 System requirements:

– OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 – (64 bit mandatory)
– Memory: 8 GB RAM
– Graphics: VRAM 2GB
– DirectX: Version 11

– OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 – (64 bit mandatory)
– Memory: 16 GB RAM
– Graphics: VRAM 4GB
– DirectX: Version 11

Download Link:

Substance designer 2019 (Hitfile)

Substance designer 2019 (turbobit)

Substance designer 2019 (uploaded)

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