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Sticky Password Premium 8 Review:

Sticky Password Premium 8 Password saves and protects all your personal data (e.g. passwords, usernames, Internet pager numbers, contact details, phone numbers, etc.). Sticky Password associates passwords and accounts with Microsoft Windows programs or the web pages for which they are used.

All information in encrypted form is stored in a password database, access to which is protected by a master password. Personal data is easily accessible if the password database is unlocked. After launching a web page or program, Sticky Password automatically enters a password, username, and other personal data. Thus, you only need to remember one password and do not need to remember the rest.

Sticky Password Premium 8 Features:

By default, Sticky Password loads when the operating system starts. The component is embedded in the program, which allows you to manage personal data directly from the program window.

Sticky Password tracks programs with passwords and prevents the interception and theft of personal information. The component checks programs that use passwords or request a password from other programs and then offers you to allow or prohibit the suspicious activity.

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Sticky Password allows you to keep safe and other information. It can be your passport data, numbers of various documents, or license keys for your software, Internet settings – everything will be securely stored in Sticky Password.

Sticky Password is the best solution for passwords:

– No need to remember all these passwords.
– Keep your personal data safe!
– Automatic form-filling.
– Protection against phishing and keyloggers.
– Take your passwords with you wherever you go.

Key features of Sticky Password:

– Password Protector uses the latest technology and opposes keyloggers and other spyware. It informs the user about attempts by computer programs and libraries to get information from other programs.

– The portable version allows you to have passwords always at hand. Sticky Password can be run from any portable device – a USB drive or even from a CD.
– Open access to passwords using a USB or Bluetooth device. Now you absolutely do not need to enter a password.

– Passwords are protected by powerful encryption algorithms that cannot be cracked in a reasonable amount of time.
– Automatic form filling works for any programs and web pages. Password, login and other fields are automatically filled in only if necessary.

– You can save several passwords and logins for one account.
– Easy to use: you can use and modify the stored information directly from the program window that uses them.
– Automatic backup of the password database: changed or deleted passwords can be restored at any time.

What’s new:

– Bug fixes and stability improvements.

About Sticky Password Premium 8:

Release Year: 2018.
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.
Interface language: MULTi.
Medication: Included.
Size: 50.5 MB

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Sticky Password Premium Free Download

Sticky Password Premium Free Download

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