Best Smart Tools That Can Replace Real Work Tools1:

. In this review, we consider Smart Tools such as, screen rulers, roulettes, levels and metal detectors for Android. Sensors and various elements of the smartphone allow you to create other tools – for example, a compass, speedometer, sound meter. But due to the fact that such tools are rarely used in everyday life, they are not included in the review.

The selection of applications for each category was made according to their popularity in the Play Market. Testing was conducted on the smartphone Honor 5A. Smart Tools review was done by Softiver Team.

Smart Tools Ruler:

The idea of ​​applications of this type is very simple; there are no special sensors required at all. A ruler is displayed on the screen, which needs to be calibrated for real values, and it will be ready for use.

Smart Tools APP

In order for the measurements to be correct, the ruler must be calibrated (for example, after launching, the program determined the screen length to be nine centimeters, whereas it is actually more than eleven). For calibration, you can use a regular ruler or any object of known length. But if such an item or ruler was not at hand, then an ordinary credit card or coins, the dimensions of which are known to the program, are suitable for calibration. 

AR Ruler App

AR Ruler application Smart Tools is developed by the Belarusian company Grymala. The program uses augmented reality technology (AR) to measure distances and sizes of objects.

The Smart Tools can measure the linear dimensions of objects (in the metric system or inches), the distance from the device’s camera to a point on a plane, angles on 3D planes, the area or perimeter of an object (both rectangular and polygonal and round), the volume of three-dimensional objects, the path length , done by a smartphone, the height of objects (for example, a doorway or furniture). There is in the application and a simple screen line.

Smart Tools APP

AR Ruler requires Google’s ARCore library, which can be installed on smartphones running Android 7.0 and higher. To improve the accuracy of measurements, the developer advises to carry out three measurements and more and focus on the average value.


The Smart Tools application is developed by Google itself. Like the previous one, it allows you to measure the linear dimensions of objects, the distance from the camera to the object (like a tape measure), the height of objects, and so on.

Smart Tools APP

You can take a snapshot of the measurement, as well as copy the results to the clipboard.

Smart Tools Level Applications:

Applications of this type use a gyroscope and accelerometer device to determine the angle of deflection of any side of the smartphone or its back surface.

1.” Laser Level – Leveling Tool “

The Smart Tools application “Laser Level – Leveling Tool” was created by EXA Tools, which has developed several similar applications. The program includes three instruments – a laser level, a bubble level and an inclinometer. The application is completely Russified.

For more accurate measurements, application calibration may be required. To do this, you need to find a perfectly horizontal surface and calibrate the application data for it. However, it is not easy to understand how to do this – there are no corresponding hints in the program, and users in the Play Market comments complain about it.

Smart Tools APP

When testing the application showed quite good results. Of course, building a house with just such a level is not worth it, but in some household matters, for example, installing a cauldron on a home-made hearth in the woods or a washing machine in an apartment, a smartphone can help a lot. In addition, the capabilities of the application are clearly dependent on the operation of the sensors of the smartphone – on the Play Market, reviews of the program are basically diametrically opposed.

The paid version of the program differs only in the absence of advertising; you can switch to it from the free one directly in the application.

2.“ Bubble Level ”

A simple Smart Tools, without additional features. On the main screen, there are three bubble level icons that allow you to align the surface on the side of the smartphone, on the bottom or on the back surface (in several places at once).

Smart Tools APP

In addition to the level, the program has only one possibility – its calibration. Moreover, the developer states that it will be needed only in cases where the manufacturer of the smartphone did not calibrate the device properly. This remark seems to be true for other applications, but for some reason, the developers do not say so. At least, when testing all applications of this type without calibration, no difference in measurement accuracy was found. The paid version is different from the free only by the lack of advertising.

“ Metal Detector” by Netigen

The application is developed by the Polish company Netigen and does not support the Russian language. The company, like other similar developers, offers a range of working tools for the smartphone.

Smart Tools APP

When testing, the application showed the same results as other metal detectors: large metal objects brought to the sensor found, but small objects or wires in the wall did not.

Users of the program will have to put up with advertising, which is much more than in the “Metal Detector” from Smart Tools co. The paid version does not exist.

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