Set a light 3D STUDIO 2.00.15 Full Crack Free Download

Set a light 3D STUDIO 2 crack full Review:

Set a light 3D V2.00 Full Crack Free Download is the first photo studio modeling in the world with which you can create sets for lighting on your PC in advance and realistically simulate the expected image results.

Thanks to the set a light 3D Full Crack program, your studio always remains at your fingertips in your computer – develop all your possibilities for any location, even if you are sitting on the couch or on the plane at that time! 

The combination of virtual planning with Hensel’s reliable lighting equipment makes the most complex shooting process in any situation simple. This gives you more time – to create even more unique shots!

Especially when the photographer does not have access to a studio or model, the set.a.light 3D program helps to try different ideas and show creativity. 

Finally, using a printed lighting scheme (in PDF or JPG format), you can create the desired lighting later – in the studio or on the road. The perfect foundation for a successful photoshoot.

What Softiver Think about It:

Positive side effect: You have more time left for the shooting itself, and you can better focus on the model, on the details, and finally get great shots! At the same time, the circuit will remain with you.

Set.a.light 3D is also a great add-on tool for schools. Using the projector, you can flexibly explain each scheme, and the exported settings are ideal training material.

For students, set.a.light 3D is an excellent practical platform for working with different home lighting options (without a studio), as well as for applying and deepening acquired knowledge.

Why Did Softiver Choose it For You?

Create extraordinary lighting settings in seconds and get amazing results!

Create Lighting Settings:
Set up lighting in a virtual studio and simulate your results. There are no boundaries for your creativity!

Export an established plan:
Export the plan with all the necessary details for your equipment and technical settings. And then, start making your way to your place!

Start shooting:
Customize your equipment with your new installation plan. Now you have a lot of time to shoot with your model!

What is set a light 3D Full Crack Free Download?

• The set.a.light 3D program offers photographers a tool with which you can simulate lighting schemes in a virtual photo studio.
• The Set.a.light 3D program serves to support photographers in their daily work, and it also helps amateurs and beginners take pictures using professional lighting equipment.

• During the simulation, light and shadow are directly displayed, and even color transitions can be reproduced using color filters. Thus, in the blink of an eye with the help of lighting, non-standard moods can be created.

• Create a fantastic lighting scheme
• Create a lighting scheme in a virtual studio and model the result. There are no boundaries for your ideas.
• Export the lighting scheme.

• Export the lighting scheme. It includes the layout of the equipment in the studio and all the settings for flash units and cameras. And then – go to the place of shooting.
• Have a successful start to work on the spot!

• Now you can install lighting equipment and get the lighting you need quickly, based on your plan – the perfect start to a successful photoshoot in a relaxed atmosphere.

What’s New set a light 3D STUDIO 2:

High Resolution and Custom Models:
One of the most important points in the development of steel models. Avatars look extremely real and harmonize perfectly with the new light design. A hairstyle, makeup and clothes are changing.

Complete flexibility with the new Posing Tool:
Of course, one of the features that users expected the most: from individual fingers to the head and legs – everything in our models can be moved! Be sure to save your position for later! Even their eyes can look at a photosensitive element or camera with just one click!

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What Photographers Say About It:

Praised by the press and recommended by professionals:
set.a.light 3D is great software. Beginners in studio photography are not only ideal for exploring lighting settings and testing without having to rent an expensive studio. But also for professionals who can send their lighting settings to an assistant so that they immediately start working with the desired lighting settings.

Sasha Basmer
Professional photographer | Germany

About set.a.light 3D STUDIO 2

Interface language: Deutsch / English / Francais / Portuguese
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 – 64 Bit 

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