Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.2.21 Free Download

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.2.21 Free Download

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019 Review:

Remote Desktop Manager is an application for monitoring remote connections. With Remote Desktop Manager, you can add, edit, delete, organize, or quickly find a remote connection. 

The application is compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop or with Terminal Services, very easy to use, but at the same time quite powerful and efficient. Remote Desktop Manager is suitable for any user. The program has been translated into several languages.

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019 Key features:

• Easy to install, easy to deploy, just one executable file (exe).
• Adds names, images, and descriptions to your settings.
• The icon starts in the control panel.
• Quick access through the icon on the control panel.

• Supports remote desktop file (.rdp).
• Supports Microsoft Remote Desktop and Microsoft Terminal Services.
• Autostart when logging into Windows.
• Auto-update.
• Excellent user interface with support for various topics.

  • VERSION 2019.2.21.0 (December 4th, 2019):
    • Added a new permission dashboard with an overview of the current access and the configured rights (for administrator).
    • Added “Auto-assign new users” in the license dialog.
    • Added “Wait for exit” option to PowerShell and certain session types.
    • Added 2FA support to Mateo Password Safe.
  • Added black and dark theme support for documentation.
    • Added Disable My Personal PrivateKey policy.
    • Added filter in the report list.
    • Added missing log for viewed password on OTP entry.
    • Added move a single credential in an existing password list
    • Added multi delete in the template list.
  • Added new GPOs (ignore application certificate errors & check for server certificate revocation).
    • Added new policy to hide the register product button
    • Added Quick connect template name to the status bar
    • Added the assigned user and role list in vault administration
    • Added the option to force a reconnect when undocking an RDP session to fix the resolution.
  • Changed the closing procedure of Sophos/OpenVPN entries to make sure every process is killed.
    • Improved Chrome web browser with default download folder and default download action options.
    • Improved overall data source load times.
    • Improved Terminal performance.
  • Improved the KeyAgent integration to support OpenSSH certificates.
    • New GPO for “Execute scripts via terminal” permission.
    • Updated Chrome embedded DLLs to the latest version to fix the issue with “save as”.
    • Updated Keeper SDK to fix the issue with shared folders containing other folders.
    • Fixed a bug on HOME and END keys in Terminal.
    • Fixed a possible issue with SCP for some Windows Servers.
    • Fixed a potential hang or crash on some XTERM directives (OSC, APC, DCS, PM).
    • Fixed bug with Chrome clear cache when a session is opened.
  • Fixed custom Macro/Script/Tools missing in the Filter Dialog context menu.
    • Fixed for Chrome/Edge “Copy Username & Password” not working.
    • Fixed for CSV Synchronizer not working if a template was specified.
    • Fixed for duplicate tags when editing in batch.
    • Fixed issue using my personal credentials in SSH gateway.
    • Fixed issue with dynamic credential linking with Keeper credential.
  • Fixed issue with SFTP with empty password not prompting.
    • Fixed license view refresh.
    • Fixed of the menu header disappearing when minimizing to systray.
    • Fixed possible error in Private Vault rename folder.
    • Fixed possible issue with DPS Go Offline + cancel would stop refreshing.

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  • Fixed potential errors when using a cmdlet with dynamic parameters directly after importing the PowerShell module before the instance starts
    • Fixed Set-RDM Session Password with the ID parameter can’t save in the private vault
    • Fixed some terminal display issues.
    • Fixed UI scaling in cyberark account select window.
    • Fixed vault select screen loading slowly.
    • Reset now also clears the screen in Terminal.
  • VERSION 2019.2.19.0 (November 19th, 2019).
    • Added Password Gen at client request for Winbox.
    • Fixed issue sending credentials with existing VPN.
    • Fixed issue with role SQL query not returning every role.
    • A fixed possible issue where changing repository could force a full reload of the local cache.
  • VERSION 2019.2.18.0 (November 18th, 2019)
    • Active Directory synchronizer now updates the original entry instead of doing a mismatch action when only the description has changed.
    • Added batch grand access.
    • Added Get-RDMRootSession and Set-RDMRootSession cmdlet in the PowerShell module to get the root session and apply changes to it.
    • Added information tab entry to Credential Dashboard.
    • Added option to remove a loading window.

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019:

  • Added option to save shadow consent prompt.
    • Added the current username in the status bar.
    • Added vault column to activity logs.
    • Disabled navigate URL shortcut on the password list if the selected tab isn’t its dashboard.
    • Improved CyberArk credential entry to add “prompt with list” option.
    • Updated Add-RDMRoleToUser cmdlet help in the PowerShell module.
    • Updated LastPass to support Microsoft Authenticator.
  • Fixed command sequences (macros) and ^C in Terminals.
    • Fixed issue sending credentials to VPN.
    • Fixed issue where the right-clicking context menu shows RDM in the taskbar when the taskbar visibility is set to “When not minimized”.
    • Fixed issue where right-clicking on the trayicon made the filter and the menu disappear.
  • Fixed issue with tray icon buttons not restoring RDM properly.
    • Fixed issues with SSH shell in undocked.
    • Fixed possible crash in video recorder.
    • Fixed possible null reference issue with Mateso Password Safe and added a timeout to the login of Mateso.
  • Fixed potential errors in some PowerShell cmdlets dynamic parameters when using them before RDM PowerShell has an instance.
    • Fixed selection bug when the scrollback buffer is full in Terminal.
    • Fixed the authentication by the private key of an SFTP through SSH connection.

OS: Windows Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8, 8.1 or 10 and Windows Server 2008 SP2, 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2 or 2016 

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.2.21 Free Download

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