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IClone 3DXchange 7 crack Free download is a tool for transforming and editing 3D models that enriches 3D content with iClone. Imports models from 3ds, OBJ, Google SKP or FBX, and prepares them for use in iClone. Imports animated characters from the FBX format and converts them into iClone models with animation.

3DXchange – a tool for converting and editing 3D models, enriching 3D-content iClone. Imports models from 3ds, OBJ, Google SKP or FBX, and prepares them for use in iClone. Imports animated characters from the FBX format and converts them to iClone models with animation.

Features of IClone 3DXchange:

3DXchange is a useful utility from Reallusion for converting and converting real-time 3DS, OBJ, or SKP files to files for use in iClone 2 and higher.
• Exports iClone models to OBJ format for editing, sculpting, and rendering in programs such as Zbrush, Photoshop, SketchUp, Blender, 3DSMax, Maya, and many others. 
• Maximize access to the best content by importing free 3D models from Google 3D Warehouse or popular character models from the DAZ3D and Poser libraries. 
3DXchange brings together the best 3D models for iClone.

3DXchange can be used to easily convert libraries of existing models to VNS (native 3D iClone format), which allows thousands of iClone filmmakers to exchange and view materials, making them more accessible. 
• Allows you to use 3D objects and models from banks of external applications, such as DAZ 3D, Zbrush, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Google Sketchup, TurboSquid and Renderosity, and can import into iClone everything you need to create a virtual world: props, accessories, 3D scenes, 3D characters, clothes, landscapes, a library of movements ..
• The utility allows you to use the powerful library of Google 3D Warehouse. 

What’s New in iclone 3DXchange 7 Download:

Character Conversion

Utilizing the built-in characterization panel in 3DXchange, you can convert external characters into iClone via FBX format quickly and easily. The newly converted characters will then be compatible with thousands of iClone motion files, as well as powerful motion tools like Body Puppet, MixMoves, and motion capture. Animate any character from Daz, Maya, 3DS Max, Mixamo, and others in a heartbeat!

Prop Conversion

3DXchange Free Version provides all the tools you need to import and export 3D props. The Transform & Alighment tools allow you to quickly rotate and resize the imported model with the correct scale and axis parameters. The Pivot tools help you to set a custom pivot point that controls the objects rotational behavior. The Group tool allows you to separate objects, edit model hierarchy, build parent child node relations, rename objects, exclude unwanted parts, and output selected objects separately for improved animation capability later.

Motion Conversion

By converting external motion data into iClone via FBX/BVH format, you are able to bring in motion data from any external motion library, popular motion editing tools, or even life-like motion capture for use with your iClone standard characters. This motion data can also be further edited or refined using iClones powerful Human IK motion editing tools.

Facial Setup

Imported characters can take advantage of iClones powerful facial animation tools too! 3DXchange supports all types of talking characters, allowing you to enrich your scene with more professional character assets that are more expressive with rich facial animation, regardless of whether or not the character was designed using a facial bone rig or facial blend shapes.

Direct In/Out in iClone

To further simplify the pipeline process, several critical import and export features have been implemented directly inside iClone 7, including the highly anticipated batch FBX export which allows you to export characters, props, and cameras all at once. iClone 7 can now also bring in multiple morphs from OBJs for organic morph animations.

Release Notes:

Auto Convert
– Added: Auto-Convert to Non-standard Character workflow now supports Daz Michael 3,4 and Victoria 3,4.
– Added: Optimized material settings for Daz Michael 3,4 and Victoria 3,4 when performing the Import FBX > Auto-convert to Non-standard Character workflow.
– Fixed: Auto-convert to Non-standard Character workflow failed to support CC3 character FBX exported from Character Creator 3. Feedback Tracker

Import & Export File

– Enhanced: Textures exported with an OBJ file will be labeled as “Material Name_Texture Channel Name” and will no longer have a sequence number.
– Added: Namespaces for objects imported from 3rd party tools can now be removed: Import FBX > Ignore Namespace.
– Import: Abnormal vertex pulling for certain FBX files brought into 3DXChange. Feedback Tracker
– Import: UV corruption when an OBJ file is exported from and imported back into 3DXChange. Feedback Tracker


– Fixed: 3DXChange crashes as a result of receiving characters with the default key deleted (frame 1) from iClone (Modify > 3DXChange > Edit in 3DXChange). Feedback Tracker
– Fixed: 3DXChange crashes as result of when the Modify button is pressed for motions selected under Modify > Animation > Motion Library. Feedback Tracker

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What’s New in Version 7:

Import models & objects, supported formats, for the final stage of modeling, for the following applications

Information about IClone 3DXchange 7Crack download:

Title: Reallusion iClone 3DXchange
Developer Reallusion iClone 3DXchange Pipeline
Key: yes
Size: 252 Mb
Version: 7.5.3201.1
Release Year: 2019
File type: RAR archive
Interface language: Ml / Eng & etc
Operating System: Windows® / 7 / 8-10 (x64)

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