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Qimage Ultimate 2020 Review:

Qimage Ultimate 2020 is a program for professional streaming photo printing and has a number of unique features that are implemented in other printing programs, either partially or not at all. For over 20 years, Qimage has been considered the best photo printing program.

Qimage Ultimate – allows you to print photos and pictures with the highest quality, effectively places several pictures on the page, for the least cost of expensive photo paper. The program can use filters; cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpening, noise filters, stain removal, image rotation, mirror, etc. Supported formats: JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PCD, PNG and NEF (Nikon D1 raw).

Qimage Ultimate’s interface has become more revolutionary. It has become easier to use and more powerful interface features have appeared. Features such as unsurpassed print quality with completely new image interpolation techniques and smart final photo processing.

Add to this amazing feature set some more revolutionary features, such as deep focus (DFS), a new color management engine for ultimate compatibility accuracy when interpolating images. As well as the ability to add text, cutouts, signatures, and copyrights to the image on the fly.

Qimage Ultimate 2020 Features:

• Print control.
• Ability to print posters.
• Batch convert multiple images.

• Edit and search IPTC data.
• Supports RAW images for over 300 cameras.
• Organization of photos.
• Work with EXIF ​​data.

– Full-color management support, able to work with direct ICC profiles, both the 2nd and 4th versions.
– The most diverse placement of images on a sheet, namely by the sizes that you specify, and not by templates, as most similar programs offer us. The number of photos per sheet, image orientation, auto and manual cropping (cropping), any custom size, poster printing.

– Very effective interpolation methods that apply only to photos that are printed, do not affect the original image and therefore do not take time for additional editing.
– Ability to assign the selected ICC profiles to selected photos from the stream.

– Limits some unauthorized printer functions: rather a mediocre interpolation and the annoying stretching of photos when printing borderless.

– Ability to save your actions (projects), even the images that were currently in the queue. An irreplaceable thing with a frequent change of tasks, a couple of mouse clicks and you are ready to print instead of landscapes – photos on documents.

– Saves all settings for the last actions when exiting the program.
– Automatically saves work history.

– Several ways to add information to the photo (date, time, file name, etc.).
– There is also a Filter Editor (Graphic Editor), converting, comparing pictures, slide shows, etc.

Qimage Ultimate 2020.101 Extra Features:

• Quality: Many professionals and amateurs agree that Qimage provides the best print quality, without exception! Qimage is designed to print your source images at maximum quality, no matter what printer you use, and regardless of the resolution of your source images. 

The internal print optimization algorithm uses high-quality thinning algorithms (the quality is much higher than with traditional bicubic methods) to ensure that you no longer need to worry about dots per inch, print sizes or resolution.

• ease of use: in addition to never having to deal with thinning, re-saving images with 300 DPI, etc., Qimage offers efficient and easy ways to automatically organize multiple prints to minimize the use of expensive paper.

• Flexibility: Many automatic placements and full manual placement of images for maximum flexibility. You can print images from different folders and even different drives in the same session, with different print sizes as you wish.

• posters: Print 20 images on the same page for a contact list, three 4×6 images on an 8×10 page, mixed sizes of different (or the same) images, or a multi-page poster or one image on the entire wall. The possibilities are endless.

• professional filters: cropping, brightness, contrast, sharpness, auto-exposure compensation, levels, curves, CCD distortion filters, removing spots and red-eye, rotation, mirroring, image stamp, and even a blur mask based on brightness – that’s all just a few of the ways you can enhance your images.

• associative and group filtering: you can apply filters to images as a “mask” that are associated with the original, eliminating the need to store separate/modified versions. Just create your own filter and associate it with the original, and Qimage will apply the filter to all originals every time you open the image for viewing/printing. 

Of course, you can always save the filtered/modified images separately so that you can use them in other applications or on the network. The filters you develop can be applied to one or to hundreds of different images from different folders in the form of groups. For example, you can apply dark edge removal to remove all the “hot pixels” in long exposure photographs and apply the correction to dozens of images.

• color management support (ICC): full support for real color management of your images. Qimage allows you to associate ICC profiles with multiple cameras separately to ensure maximum color accuracy. 

Support for converting the profile to profile for images, previews and much more is also possible. If you are looking for ICC-enabled software that can meet all your ICC profiling requirements at an affordable cost, Qimage is what you need.

• many supported file types: Qimage Qimage Ultimate currently supports the following image types: JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, PCD, PNG, PSD, and NEF (Nikon D1, D1H, D1X and D100 raw).

• image comparator: the ability to compare any two images located side by side using the built-in “Image Comparator”.

• Fully automated slide show: Use Qimage Ultimate on photo exhibitions to continuously display photos to clients. The ability to automatically change images, as well as placing a stamp with the data necessary for customers to identify the photographer on each image.

• image management: copy, move, delete, automatically rename based on the date, download images from flashcards, as well as the ability to add, modify and search IPTC fields.

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About Qimage Ultimate 2020:

Program Name: Qimage Ultimate 2020. Year: 2019
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 on Windows 10 operation is possible, but not guaranteed!
Interface: English.
Medication: Not required.
Size : 11.2 Mb.

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Qimage Ultimate 2020.101 Portable Free Download

Qimage Ultimate 2020.101 Portable Free Download

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