Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17.4.0 Free Windows Version + Portable

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Crack is the ideal system and data management solution. Powerful backup and flexible recovery functions, everything you need for perfect partitioning, reliable data wiping algorithms, and much more. All of this is what will make your windows happy! Done by Softiver website team.

What’s New in Paragon Disk Manager 17?

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17.4.0 Free Windows Version + Portable
  • New! APFS container resizing

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 premium Features

  • Complete hard disk management: Covers all aspects computer life cycle, beginning from drive partitioning and regular backup to system migration, disaster recovery and secure utilization of an outdated storage. You need two or more competitive utilities to have a similar set of functions.
  • Regular data protection: Sector-level data processing through the Paragon’s Snapshot enables to do live imaging, applications with great perfomance. Backup to VMDK opens up an easy migration to a virtual environment of VMware Fusion. Fast restore at a granular level allows to restore only needed files through the Finder by mounting backup image.

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  • Bootable recovery media: Create a bootable USB-flash stick or external storage to restore OS X system volumes or accomplish drive partitioning when OS X fails to start up or SIP doesn’t allow to perform the operations.
  • Boot Camp management: Anything you may need to effectively manage your Boot Camp Windows: backup, restore, repartitioning as well as boot correction capabilities.
  • Secure wiping: 10 military and governmental data wiping standards as well as support of the “SSD Trim” function to safely erase all on-disk data or only remnants of deleted files on traditional rotating platter disks or solid state drives.
  • Sector-level imaging: Enables to significantly reduce backup and recovery times while improving general performance.
  • Snapshot onboard: Enables to take consistent snapshots of both inactive and in-use partitions, providing a coherent state of all open files involved in the process and taking into account that applications may still keep writing to disks.

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  • Full images: Help to secure your software environment, including OS, applications and data. Full copies of disks and partitions enable to recover your system to a working state within several minutes.
  • Core Storage Backup & Restore: Supports Core Storage backup and restore (including FileVault2 and FusionDrive)
  • Incremental imaging: Minimizes backup storage footprint for several time stamps of the same data.
  • pVHD support: Paragon Virtual Hard Drive does away with all limitations of a standard virtual drive format, such as a poor compression ratio, lack of integrity control and encryption capabilities.
  • Backup destination: pVHD images can be saved to a local volume, external storage (USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt) or a network share.
  • Selective restore: You can mount an existing backup image in the read-only mode, thus getting access to its contents through the Finder. This option can help to quickly retrieve individual files without accomplishing a full restore operation.
  • Multi-platform backup: Our program supports GPT and MBR disks formatted, Windows, and Linux file systems.
  • Redistribute free space: Increases free space on one partition by utilizing the unused space on the adjacent partition.

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