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Nero Platinum 2020 Serial key Free Review:

Download Nero Platinum 2020 Suite Serial key +crack, you are guaranteed to cope with your digital everyday life, whether at home or on the go. Now there are completely new opportunities!

Nero Platinum 2020 Suite serial number Features:

Nero Video 2020: Now the video editing program provides you with complete freedom of creativity, ease of use and the ability to get the best results when implementing film projects. 

Using express editing or advanced video processing, you will captivate your audience with more than 800 great effects and new movie templates, including the Drop area effect. Now you can forget about the black bars at the edges of the television screen. 

With the new 1-click stripe removal option, you will significantly improve your photos and video materials and prepare them for more comfortable viewing on a large television screen. Vertical-Video-Ready: Now you can easily and simply import and process vertically captured videos and photos from your smartphone,

Nero Burning ROM 2020 : Enjoy the intuitively simple Nero QuickStart tool inside Nero and instantly solve critical tasks. Everything else works just as fast if you need to copy and burn photos, videos, music and information to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray ™ disc for long-term storage using the reliable Nero technology.

However, if you need complete security, the SecurDisc 4.0 application with password protection and 256-bit encryption will ensure that no one gets access to the information that you would like to save only for yourself.

Nero MediaHome 2020: Everything is under control: Have you already stopped navigating your computer archives in your photo archives? Lots of duplicate copies of photos? 

Here, the brand new Nero DuplicateManager Photo (only in Nero 2020 Platinum) can help you. He will quickly and confidently find duplicate photo folders and duplicate copies of photographs, clean up your photo archive, free up valuable disk space and organize your Nero MediaHome media center. 

In it, you can instantly archive and play your movies and TV shows. Title and movie posters are inserted automatically. Here you can play everything from video DVDs, music CDs, music files, photos and slide shows, to movie videos and television shows. And with the new Nero 360 VR Player, you can even showcase your 360-degree photos.

Nero Platinum 2020 key Extra Features:

Nero Recode 2020: Combine everything that should be together: Import all formats up to high-quality HEVC (H.265) and convert them to almost any format you need. Convert video DVDs *, AVCHD * and Blu-ray ™ * discs and use the files for the next new projects. 

Thanks to 1-click conversion, you can transfer audio CDs directly to your connected gadget. At the same time, Nero will automatically take care of the simplest conversion with the best sound.

Nero BackItUp 2020 : Protect your valuable media with the built-in Nero BackItUp utility. Now you can completely relax, because your data will be in safe hands. Use the Nero BackItUp application to save all the memories on your computer or laptop: you can set up automatic backups in three places, for example, to a USB hard drive. 

To set up a backup you only need to click one button and your files will be saved at the required intervals. It is also possible to permanently save data, while the Nero BackItUp application constantly saves new files when you update data.

Music Recorder: The Nero 2020 Platinum Music Recorder will be your entry ticket to the music world: Listen to the hits of your favorite bands and discover new music by accessing over 100,000 online radio stations.

In addition to thousands of concerts, music videos and fan content. The music recorder records music in the form of MP3 files that are unprotected using TSZAP. In the future, you can also record them on your mobile gadget.

Applications that are part of Nero 2020 serial:

• Nero Video. Turn your home movies into real Hollywood blockbusters: using the full Nero Video package, you can create videos with amazing animations and publish or burn them to disk in one go. This solution provides support even for Ultra HD (4K) and includes great themes, image stabilization tools and video effects packages.

• Nero Burning ROM. Copy audio CDs to your computer, burn and copy reliable and secure copies of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs using the Nero BurningROM reference disc burning module.

• Nero Recode. Very powerful and at the same time easy to use application for converting video on disks and files to other formats. Nero Recode supports almost all the latest audio and video formats. 

In addition, this application supports pre-configured profiles for the most popular mobile and entertainment devices, so you can achieve great results, even if you do not want to thoroughly understand the technology.

• Nero BackItUp. Nero BackItUp will protect your data from any crashes. Schedule regular backups of files, folders, or your entire PC and select one of the many supported devices.

• Nero RescueAgent. An extra layer of protection that keeps your most important files safe. Easily recover damaged files on optical discs, PCs, USB storage devices, and other media using Ner RescueAgent.

• Nero MediaHome is a full-featured media management software designed for working with photos, videos, and music. With it, you can play tracks in the library, import new music from CDs, as well as create new playlists and synchronize these lists or albums with any mobile device connected both wirelessly and via USB.

• Nero Express. If all you need to do is burn quickly or copy a disc, Nero Express will perform this task in a quality manner.
• Nero DuplicateManager Photo: Is the photo archive on your PC completely in disarray? Lots of duplicate photos and so many similar versions of one photo – HDR and edited versions? 

DuplicateManager Photo, thanks to a completely new search function for similar images, will help you quickly figure it out. It quickly and reliably finds duplicate and similar folders with photos and individual photos, restores order in your photo archive, saves storage space and even tidies up the Nero MediaHome media center.

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OS: Windows® 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (32/64 bit), Windows® 8 (32/64 bit), Windows® 8.1 (32/64 bit) with April 2014 Update, Windows® 10 (32/64 bit).

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