Download Mate Translate 6.0.5 Pro Crack For Mac

Download Mate Translate 6.0.5 Pro Crack For Mac

Mate Translate Pro Crack For mac (was Instant Translate) allows you to translate words and phrases between over 100 languages, use text-to-speech, and browse through already-done translations in the history. You can quickly swap languages in the pop-up using Control+S.

What’s New in Mate Translate Mac pro crack?

  • Autorun fixed. A couple of other minor bugs fixed.

Features of Mate Translate 6 pro Crack for Mac:

Mate can understand 103 languages!

Translate selected text and clipboard contents with Mate. Open it above all other apps:

  • Right-click on selected text in almost any app to translate it.
  • Press Alt+Shift+T to translate your clipboard.
  • Press Alt+Shift+T to open Mate above all opened apps, too.
Download Mate Translate 6.0.5 Pro Crack For Mac

Stop tabbing to Google Translate for translations, just use Mate!


  • Mate understands 103 languages and also teaches you how to pronounce words correctly.
  • Get translations for Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian and more!
  • See the phonetic transcription and transliteration of words and text.
  • Mate can speak out words and texts with correct accents to help you learn faster.


  • Language learners and travelers! Create custom word lists each language and keep them handy whenever you need.
  • Mate Phrasebook – Easily create and curate word lists which are available even offline.


  • Don’t navigate to translation websites anymore when you’re reading an article in Safari or editing a document in Pages. Just use Mate everywhere you go!
  • Select any text in any app and get a translation by hitting the “Translate with Mate“ button in the context menu.
Download Mate Translate 5 Pro Crack


  • Keep all of your translation and dictionary data synchronized across all your devices.
  • Automatically synchronize your data between all your iPhones, browsers and Macs.
  • 100+ languages supported.
  • text-to-speech.
  • offline history of translations.
  • translate in the pop-up window that’s always in the menu bar.
  • translate selected text from the context menu.
  • open the pop-up with a shortcut.
  • autorun as the Mac starts.
  • pin the pop-up window above all other windows.
  • transliteration.
  • insert contents of the clipboard.

Download Link:

Download Mate Translate 6.0.5 Pro Crack For Mac

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