Golaem Crowd 7.0.3 for Maya Free Download 2016-2019

Golaem Crowd 7.0.3 for Maya Free Download 2016-2019

Golaem Crowd 7 For Maya Free Download Review:

Golaem Crowd 7 for Maya Free Download is designed to easily and easily fill the surrounding space, using smart and affordable digital symbols, digitally cloned objects, simply put, crowds, from several tens to several thousand. Golaem helps fill the created spaces in a short period of time with a large number of similar objects. 

The plugin creates a crowd, numerous moving and static objects, which are usually necessary when creating mass scenes in large-budget films, video games. The plugin for MayaGolaem Crowd Download Free, is designed for simple and affordable filling of the surrounding space, with the help of clever and accessible digital symbols, digital cloned objects, simple speaking, crowds from a few tens to several thousand.

Golaem Crowd Free Download Features:

  • Avoid Repeated Work.
  • Use Golaem The presence of characters in your scenes will increase many times, if necessary.
  • It takes only a few minutes.
  • They can be influenced by simple triggers such as zone, time, distance, collision …
  • Golaem is very well integrated into Maya. It is initially compatible with the main visualizations in Maya, 3ds Max + v-Ray, Katana, Softimage + Arnold.
  • FBX or Alembic. FBX or Alembic Export is also available.
  • All parts of Golaem are scripts supporting MEL or Python. The c / c ++ API allows you to read the exported simulation cache.
  • For the FX group, Golaem can generate locators and/or collisions.
  • Golaem releases 5-6 represent layout tools, post-modeling tools based on Maya manipulators.
  • Golaem is widely used in the visual effects industry to animate mass scenes, like tens of thousands of characters, or huge armies fighting for control of seven kingdoms in a game of Thrones.
  • On top of the simplified re-adoption process for this type of scene, the new “layout” tool helps artists fill in small scenes where there is no need, but the artistic control is the key.

New Features Golaem Crowd Free Download:

Golaem up axis is now dynamic (related to the terrain geometry normal) New Python API to read and write Simulation Cache Files New Set Terrain Behavior to change the ground geometry of Entities.


  • Fixed ground adaptation jittering (due to time warping)
  • Fixed ground adaptation when using the “When Support Phase Changes” mode on hard slopes
  • Fixed computation of null length bones orientation in IK chains with more than 3 bones
  • Fixed conversion of IK chains with null length bones
  • Fixed Conversion Quality Indicator with null length bones
  • Fixed Shader Attribute creation when shared by multiple shaders in the Character Maker
  • Fixed naming of duplicated rendering types in the Character Maker
  • Fixed cloth cache export on meshes with multiple materials
  • Fixed cloth cache rendering when using Time Edition Layers in the Simulation Layout Tool
  • Fixed cloth cache rendering when an Entity is a selection in the Simulation Layout Tool
  • Fixed rotation when using different axis in the Edit Bone Layer of the Simulation Layout Tool
  • Fixed duplicated Entity Ids after baking to Alembic in the Simulation Layout Tool
  • Fixed merge of Simulation Layout File in the Simulation Layout Tool
  • Fixed a crash when baking meshes with multiple materials as Alembic
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a Population Tool on an empty space
  • Fixed a crash when using Animation Channels on emitted Entities


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  • Fixed a crash when rendering incomplete meshes
  • Fixed a crash when using the Population Tool as emitter with 0 slots
  • Fixed a crash when hiding a Motion Locator
  • Fixed a crash when an Entity Type is invalid in the Simulation Cache
  • File in the Katana plugin Fixed lateral clearance computation in Group Entities
  • Fixed desired velocity in Group Entities
  • Fixed the display of the Polygon Population Tool
  • Fixed an error message in the Population Tool Paint Attribute UI
  • Fixed frame index when using Locomotion Channels in the Visual Feedback
  • Fixed blend shape Render Previz issue when the Character bind pose and rest pose do not match
  • Fixed entity selection disabling rendering of cloth meshes
  • Fixed badly exported simulation cache when an emitter did not emit all of it’s entities

System Requirements for Golaem Crowd 7 Download

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7.
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of minimum free HDD.
  • Installed Memory: 4 GB of minimum RAM.
  • Autodesk Maya 2016-2019.

Download LINKS: (96MB)

Golaem Crowd 7.0.3 for Maya Free Download 2016-2019

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