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App Cleaner and Uninstaller mac Review:

Download App Cleaner and Uninstaller mac, App Cleaner is the best application for cleaning Mac from service files and uninstalling applications.

Review Installed Applications and Remove Service Files to Complete Uninstall. download app cleaner for mac – The best app to remove applications service files on Mac OS X and uninstalling applications.

Delete application’s service files. Make sure they aren’t eating up precious space on your Mac with this helpful app that does the legwork for you. Disable unneeded login items to launch Mac faster.
PRO features remove even System Extensions.

Main Gained Value – Speed up Your Mac by:

• deleting apps’ files taking performance resources
• deleting debris of apps that were simply put into Trash
• managing all types of service files (caches, logs, preferences, etc.)
• removing unneeded System Extensions
• removing login items and disabling startup programs

App Cleaner and Uninstaller Pro for mac free download

Main Advantage: App Cleaner Mac os deletes Remains (or leftovers) – files of previously removed apps. Thus, you uninstall applications completely.

Description : Manage installed applications, uninstall unnecessary applications, delete application service files.
App Cleaner is the best application for cleaning Mac from service files and uninstalling applications.
Delete all service files and be sure that nothing extra takes up space on your disk. Launch the application and it will automatically do all the work of finding service files for you.

Key value – Speed ​​up Mac by:
• deleting application files that occupy system resources.

• Removing the remnants of applications that were previously removed in the usual way.
• management of all types of service files (caches, logs, settings, etc.)
Key advantage: App Cleaner removes Remains (or application remnants) – files that remain when deleted in the standard way to the trash. Thus, using App Cleaner, you can completely remove applications.

What’s new in version app cleaner and uninstaller for mac

the new version is even better for uninstalling applications on Macs:

• Improved removal functionality of Web browser extensions
• Added support for uninstalling applications via Drag & Drop
• Added support for uninstalling applications with an empty Bundle ID
• Added support for uninstalling a package applications and application groups
• A simplified way to display news and embedded messages
• Improved built-in search for applications by name
• Improved removal of application shortcuts
• Improved user feedback form
• Updated built-in Help and Help Desk systems
• Other user interface improvements
• Corrections made according to user reports
• More macOS applications added to support cleaning and uninstalling

Benefits of the application cleaner and uninstaller

  • Remove Mac software with one click
  • Delete application service files
  • Remove leftovers from deleted apps
  • Remove extensions from the system
  • Discover the actual disk space occupied by applications
  • Reset apps to first running state
  • Disable application execution when starting Mac
  • Reset app preferences
  • Free up disk space on your Mac
  • Speed up your Mac by managing extensions
  • Stop annoying pop-up ads
  • Save time by automatically searching for service files

Mac App Cleaner free Main Features:

• Scan the system and preview installed applications
• Remove all types of service files
• Remove remains of previously uninstalled apps
• Reset application to a first-launch state
• Preview launch agents and system daemons
• Preview login items
• Disable launch agents and login items
• Find and preview installed System Extensions
• Remove System Extensions

PRO mode required to:
• Remove executable part of applications
• Remove system extensions
• Disable ads

Download App Cleaner and Uninstaller mac

How to remove applications using App Cleaner and Uninstaller mac

  1. Launch App Cleaner.
  2. Start scanning all applications and service files.
  3. Select unnecessary applications (left column). This requires an in-app purchase.
  4. Select all service files in the right column.
  5. Click the Delete button.
  6. If some applications have not been removed due to access rights, follow the quick link in the Finder and move them to the Trash in the usual way *.

Info of appcleaner & Uninstaller for mac + Free download

  • Release year: June 18, 2018
  • Version: 5.1
  • Developer: Nektony
  • Platform: Intel only
  • Interface language: English
  • Tablet: The program was treated, K’ed by TNT
  • System requirements :
  • • OS X 10.10 or newer
  • • Intel, 64-bit processor

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