CyberLink Director Suite 365 v8.0 Free Download

CyberLink Director Suite Review:

Cyberlink Director Suite 365 is a complete professional editing toolkit with Video, photo and audio editing software for creative professionals. Along with powerful features that continue to improve throughout the year, powerful tools for editing video, photos, colors, and audio effortlessly allow you to control the workflow, giving you the ability to quickly get professional results.

CyberLink Director Suite 365 includes:

• PowerDirector 18.
• PhotoDirector 11.
• ColorDirector 8.
• AudioDirector 10.
• Content Packs.

CyberLink PowerDirector Pack:

Cyberlink PowerDirector software is a software package for working with video files: editing, converting, recording to VideoCD or DVD. Using Cyberlink PowerDirector, you can create files for playback on your Apple iPod or Sony PSP, any portable media device. Cyberlink PowerDirector combines speed, power, and simplicity to create complex visual effects of HD video. In addition, Cyberlink PowerDirector provides users with a large number of options for sharing video directly on the Internet for sharing (for example, on YouTube).

Features of CyberLink PowerDirector:

• Create high-quality video quickly using the advanced tool for creating Magic Movie.
• Use Content-Aware Editing to quickly find the most exciting parts and correct the bad parts of video clips.
• Speed ​​up your computer with TrueVelocity ™ 3 technology.
• Embark on a full-fledged editing journey with AudioDirector, ColorDirector, and PhotoDirector.

• Import 2K and 4K Ultra HD video, as well as video or audio up to 7.1 channels for editing.
• Improved design studio PowerDirector (picture-in-picture constructor, particle constructor, title constructor, menu designer) for more accurate, powerful and creative editing when creating films and discs.
• Create 4 gradient colors for borders and text in the picture-in-picture constructor, caption designer and menu designer.

• Import and edit video using 5.1 channel audio without downmixing to channel 2 during preview.
• Use the updated Correct / Enhance tools to adjust the lighting and white balance in multimedia or the shake of a rotating camera in a video.
• View all frames on the timeline of video files with frame rates of 50 or 60 frames per second.

• Release movies as a video file in Matroska (MKV).
• Output video in one of the many 2K or 4K Ultra HD formats.
• Turn off the preview window for an enlarged view of the video and timeline.
• Edit and customize PowerDirector keyboard shortcuts for more personalized editing.

CyberLink PhotoDirector Pack:

Software CyberLink PhotoDirector is a comprehensive tool for retouching digital images and manage image files. Using the CyberLink PhotoDirector package, novice photographers can turn ordinary photos into works of art. For more productive work, all available PhotoDirector features and tools are grouped into three categories. 

A non-destructive editing environment will allow camera owners to experiment with photographs without worrying about the safety of the original image. PhotoDirector has built-in support for RAW formats used by digital cameras from leading manufacturers.

CyberLink PhotoDirector advantages:

• Built-in support for RAW formats used by digital cameras from leading manufacturers;
• A wide selection of photo preview modes
• Non-destructive editing of images – all changes made by the user will be saved as new files, and the original pictures will remain intact.

• Keeping a complete history of changing photos with the ability to return to the previous steps.• Built-in support for the RAW format of Canon and Nikon cameras
• Ability to create your own settings profiles and download ready-made profiles created by other users from;
• Ability to publish photos on Facebook and Flickr.

• Create stunning HD quality slide shows with resolutions up to 1080p, and the functions of uploading them to YouTube, and convert them to a video file
• Edit 4K videos, create slide shows: when you run PhotoDirector 8 on a 64-bit Windows or Mac OS, you can create 2K (2048 x 1152) or 4K (4096 x 2304) videos, slide shows.

• Create slide shows with transitions, motion effects, captions and background music.
• Print high-quality photos.
• Faster photo import and export.
• Body Shaper utility will improve quality portraits.
• The possibilities of sharing content with Drew yami and family.

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra Pack:

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra – professional video correction tools. ColorDirector allows you to adjust the colors and their shades, adjust the intensity and “temperature” of tones, change the colors of individual areas of the image, taking into account the movement in the picture. Preset color themes are available, and the user can download additional ones with DirectorZone.


• Simple color correction during installation. A complete set of tools for adjusting white balance, adjusting the color scheme, improving the quality and styling of colors in the video.

• HDR video. The unique technology adds a popular HDR effect to the video, adding to the patterns, dynamic range and emphasizing the best parts of the video.

• “Smart” motion tracking. An advanced tracking algorithm compares image data from a selected area with image data in each subsequent frame, providing accurate and automatic tracking of the object, eliminating the need for a long frame-by-frame adjustment.

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• A complete set of tools for improving color: Adjust the temperature and color intensity of your video with fine color balance tools and much more.
• Creative color management: Add emotions to your films with creative color themes, regional color settings using tools for creating masks and tracking movement.

• Communication with the Internet community: You can download presets from DirectorZone for free and share the results of your work on YouTube and DirectorZone.
• Editing with PowerDirector: ColorDirector is designed to provide smooth round-trip editing paired with PowerDirector.

CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra Pack:

CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra is a powerful music processing toolkit that can be downloaded for free at AudioDirector allows you to create your own soundtracks using the multi-track recording, use mixing tools, automatically remove noise and interference, and perform audio recovery. 

With the ability to play video in parallel with audio editing, AudioDirector users can synchronize audio adjustments with the picture. AudioDirector offers support for a wide range of video and audio formats, as well as multi-channel audio.

Key features:

• Create the best videos with professional-grade sound.
• Built-in tools for recording multi-tracks, quick audio settings, adding audio effects.
• Powerful tools for visual selection and extraction of specials. sounds.
• 7.1 multi-channel sound with support for several output formats, such as MP4, M2TS, 3GP, AVI, MPEG-2.

• Direct editing of the soundtrack.
• Synchronization of audio and effects.
• Support for popular video formats: MP4, M2TS, 3GP, AVI, MPEG- 2.
• Five powerful selection tools.
• Innovative harmonious extraction.
• Removing unwanted noise.

• Technology for analyzing and restoring audio.
• Visual effects scale.
• Dynamic profile change.
• Support for VST plug-ins.
• Simultaneous recording of multiple tracks.
• Convenient soundtrack control.

• Seamless transition between tracks.
• Dynamic panning of surround sound.
• High-quality audio tracks.
• Burning a finished project to CD.
• Free download of sound clips and music from DirectorZone.

CyberLink Director Suite 365 System requirements:

• Microsoft Windows 10, 8 / 8.1, 7 ( 64 bit ).
• Intel Core ™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above.
• Standard Video: 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher.
• 360-video: DirectX 11 compatible.
• AI Plugin: 2GB VGA VRAM or higher.

• 4GB memory required (For AI style transfer, 8GB or above recommended).
• 10GB hard disk space.
• The burning drive is required for disc burning purpose.
• The Windows-compatible sound card is required.
• 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above 

Download CyberLink Director Suite 365 v8.0 + Content Packs +Free Download

Download CyberLink Director Suite 365 v8.0 + Content Packs + crack (6.64 GB)

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