Canvas X GIS 2020 Crack Free Download v20.0 Build 390

Canvas X GIS 2020 Crack Free Download v20.0 Build 390

Canvas X 2020 crack Download Full Review:

canvas x 2020 free download is a professional graphics package designed for working with vector graphics. Canvas x comes with crack For professional users working with technical illustrations and graphics, the program offers fully integrated tools to help create, enlarge and provide collective work with images. 

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The program supports a large number of graphic formats, including popular raster and vector formats (BMP, PSD, GIF, JPG, PNG, AI, PDF, DXF, DWG, etc.). 

With this program, you can add effects to illustrations, text and various graphics, use the built-in tools for drawing and editing objects, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, change the transparency of each object and much, much more.

Canvas X GIS 2020 license Key features:

• Import, View and save Projects in more than 100 file formats. Files created in specialized applications such as AutoCAD, and more general products such as Excel, and even in applications such as Mac Paint, can be imported, updated, expanded, and published to Canvas. In addition, the advanced import / export mechanism within Canvas eliminates the problem of purchasing, training, and supporting other graphics packages and facilitates the use of content created by other departments in a large enterprise.

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• Advanced editing options. Now virtually everything that can be printed can also be stored in Canvas for editing, additions, presentations? and distribution using the new Canvas Print Driver (available only on Windows). 

Now any complex illustrations, brochures, photographs or visual projects can be “printed” into Canvas from other products by simply selecting the new Canvas print driver from any application. 

The driver creates a visual representation of the original document, composed of editable objects, which, if necessary, can be modified or expanded.

• Creation and collective access to safe PDF. Export from Canvas supports secure encryption and password protection by providing information about viewing, editing or printing documents.

• Adjust file sizes. A new option allows you to choose the font size to reduce the size of PDFs;
• Support for ActiveX Control. Organizations that need to integrate external data sources into the workflow can now include ActiveX controls in files in Canvas.

• Interaction with colleagues. Using the new tools Markup Pen, Mark-up Highlighter, Circle Redline and Rectangle Redline to mark revisions and add comments to objects that you need to pay attention to or adjust. 

Facilitated interaction infrequently repeated processes. Markup tools can be customized, and selected objects are located in separate layers, and can be turned on / off during printing.

• Import DXF / DWG files with very high accuracy. Now there is no need to purchase expensive high-quality CAD tools to edit DXF or DWG files. Advanced DXF / DWG import engine imports 2-D and 3-D drawings with very high accuracy. Three-dimensional illustrations from DXF and DWG files are precisely designed for a 2-dimensional Canvas workspace, and thus, they can be quickly changed.

Canvas X 2020 crack with Extra Feature:

• Use of Corel, Visio, and PowerPoint content. Canvas can now be easily integrated into enterprise business projects that regularly use files created in Corel, Microsoft Visio, or Microsoft PowerPoint. Users who have installed these products using the new utility (available only on Windows) can open, view and edit Visio, Corel and PowerPoint files in Canvas.

• Work with CGM data. Canvas’s CGM is aligned with ATA (Aviation Transportation standards). This advanced tool offers the highest level of accuracy for CGM data and meets the demand of the global aviation industry.

• Study of seismic data. Oil and gas professionals can now examine seismic data in CGM files with the Seismic Traces palette. This palette contains a control panel that allows you to configure both lines and secondary images.

• Productivity increase. Since the opening of Canvas, the new Startup Dialog provides quick access to working documents, new document options, and numerous support and assistance resources.

Canvas X GIS System Requirements

To activate your software, you will need a valid email address and an internet connection.


  • 64-bit Intel® i3 processor or better.
  • Installed 8 GB of RAM (16 GB recommended).
  • 4 GB of free hard disk space (8 GB recommended).
  • 16-bit color or higher (True color recommended).
  • Recommended screen resolution of 1024 × 768 or higher.

Operating System:

Windows® 7​, Windows® 8, or Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (all 64-bit OS)

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Canvas X GIS 2020 Crack Free Download v20.0 Build 390

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