Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 16.1b3 Mac Free Download

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 16.1b3 Mac Free Download

Fusion Studio Mac Download fre 16 Review:

The unique Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio Mac free download program is designed for overlaying visual effects, as well as broadcast graphics and 3D animation. Fusion studio Mac for more than 25 years since its inception, Hollywood studios have created in it over a thousand world-famous blockbusters.

Taking as an example The New Spider-Man High Voltage and The Hunger Games, as well as for the television series The Dark Child, Breaking Bad, Grimm, Adventure Time, Downton Abbey and Star Cruiser Galaxy.

The powerful interface of the program is based on nodes that allow you to quickly and easily add combined special effects. 

Thanks to a huge set of tools and functions, Fusion will help to qualitatively change any material, whether it be an on-air program, commercial, series, or a feature film!

Fusion Studio Mac free download Key Features:

Compositing, animation and three-dimensional graphics in a single application!
Fusion has a great set of tools to create incredible visual effects and motion graphics in 3D. 

Fusion Studio Mac Features interface:

A unique interface based on flow graphs allows you to create composite images by combining nodes. In a Fusion 3D workspace, you can combine live images, 3D models, light sources, 3D particles, volume effects, and powerful image processing tools.

Stream graph
The joint use of tools and functions using the nodal structure allows you to create amazing special effects with full control of the necessary parameters. An interface based on flow graphs makes the entire workflow more efficient because you no longer need to spend time finding the right layer or track.

3D view windows:
Customizable window in the form of a single display or divided into four segments of the screen for viewing three-dimensional images from different angles. You can display a histogram, channels and frames of 3D video.

Timeline Editor
Allows you to crop, stretch and move any element of the composition, as well as change the animation using spline curves directly on the timeline.

Table Editing
Using this function, you can select any keyframe and change the desired item.

Spline curve editor
Allows you to create smooth transitions between keyframes using several interpolation methods such as Linear, Bezier and B-Spline.

Features of compositing in 3D Fusion studio Mac free download:

3D workspace:
The Fusion 3D workspace can combine vector graphics, live images, 3D models, and light sources. Thanks to the use of shadows, depth of field and volumetric effects, the created scenes will be more realistic!

Streamlined workflow:
Fusion provides convenient import of Open EXR files with a large number of 3D rendering passes. A single EXR file can contain data from various passes, normals, coordinates, and other parameters.

Deep Pixel Compositing:
OpenEXR files allow you to use data on the RGB parameters and XYZ coordinates of each pixel, making it possible to interactively combine two-dimensional images with 3D 3D effects.

Import 3D graphics settings:
ou can import 3D models and FBX files from Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D and other applications, as well as Alembic files with support for animated geometry.

Textures and materials:
Create 3D images with a cracked, bumpy, or smooth surface using images, graphics, or video clips as a texture sample.

Texture maps:
Based on spherical or cubic textures, you can build a natural surface and set the nature of light reflection, taking into account the geometry of the object. This feature is ideal for creating a refractive effect.

Features 2D compositing tools:

Keying and masking:
High-precision masking allows you to create realistic composite images. Fusion provides a range of keying modules, including Primatte and Ultra Keyer.

Blend Modes:
The blending modes Screen, Overlay and Difference set the way to combine pixels in different layers and can be used even with 3D compositing.

Automatic tracking, coordination of movements and stabilization of objects in the frame with subpixel accuracy. Import 3D tracking options from PFTrack, Syntheyes, and Mocha.

Change playback speed:
It allows you to increase or decrease the playback speed of a single clip, as well as perform its full animation. For frames recorded in slow motion, optical stream technology is used. Mixing control of interpolated frames is provided.

Color management
Fusion color management tools and ACES support to enable you to use linear color space and ensure consistency in your project.

Built-in filters and special effects:

Discover a new world of creativity with the Fusion 3D particle system! With their help, you can create realistic effects of snow, rain and smoke, glow or sparking.

Blur and glow effects:
Using GPU acceleration, you can create effects such as Gaussian blur and glow.

Color correction:
Wide possibilities in the field of color correction open up great freedom of creativity. Using sliders, color circles, and curves with color matching options provide 32-bit floating-point precision!

Transformation and distortion
These tools allow you to scale, rotate, and insert elements into three-dimensional space. You can eliminate image distortion, as well as use a special grid to create impressive effects.

Design Features:

2D text:
Thanks to precise formatting controls, you can animate text in any language or use the Follower tool to work with individual characters.

3D text:
Fusion allows you to generate three-dimensional text, taper the edges, add reflection, cast shadows and embed video.

3D geometry:
Create various geometric shapes in 3D, and then use the options for texture, shadow and materials. The resulting figures can be bent, rotated and made smaller in volume.

Replicate 3D:
The unique Replicate 3D tool allows you to design three-dimensional objects based on any shape or pattern. With it, you will get elements of three-dimensional graphics, which are almost impossible to create in any other applications.

Vector drawing:
Powerful vector drawing tools allow you to adjust frames or create completely new graphic elements. You can apply the effects of copying, embossing and shading, as well as adjust the softness of the brush and photosensitivity.

Procedural Texturing:
Fusion allows you to create a large number of special effects without additional plug-ins, such as plasma, clouds or light refraction.

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Features animation of Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio Mac Crack free download:

Spline curve editor
Allows you to create key frames and smooth transitions between them using a set of tools. Spline curves can be flipped, stretched, and joined, and key frames can be scaled.

Text animation
The unique Follower tool allows you to add and remove text, animate each of its characters, and use the backlighting of letters.

You can set the desired trajectory of the object, taking into account the location of the remaining elements
3D scene.

These are powerful scenarios that can control the simultaneous application of one or more parameters to create a wide variety of effects.

Performance and Quality

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 16 mac-for compositing, Fusion uses a mechanism that maintains the highest possible quality regardless of resolution and performs processing with the accuracy of a 32-bit floating-point.

Shot from the movie Anonymous (produced by Uncharted Territory, distributed by Columbia Pictures).

GPU acceleration
Fusion supports the latest hardware GPU acceleration technology, which allows you to interactively create three-dimensional compositions, use a huge number of polygons, volume effects and
3D particles.

Getting started with Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio Mac free download:

System requirements:

  • Operating System: macOS.
  • X86-64 processor from Intel Core 2 Duo onwards.
  • Graphics card support for shader version 2.0.
  • RAM not less than 2 GB.

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Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 16.1b3 Mac Free Download

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