Avast Cleanup Professional 4.18.0 APK [Android] Free Download

Avast Cleanup Professional 4 Review:

Avast Cleanup is a convenient and easy-to-use tool to free up space, increase productivity and increase battery life for Android devices.

Avast Cleanup Professional 4 Features:

• Clearing of unnecessary data. Removing pre-installed applications eliminates unnecessary and resource-intensive pre-installed programs or does not allow them to reduce the speed of the phone.
• Device management. The system screen function provides access to all important device information on a single screen.

• Device management. Program hibernation temporarily suspends applications to increase battery life, save mobile traffic, clear memory and increase device speed
• Clearing of unnecessary data. Delete junk files: Avast Cleanup quickly analyzes your phone’s memory and deletes all junk data.

• Intelligent Safe Wipe function immediately removes unnecessary data, system cache, gallery thumbnails, installation, residual and unused files, as well as APK files. For a simple deletion of accumulated useless data, just one touch.

• The cleaning tips feature allows you to see a detailed overview of all the data available on your phone.
• One-touch removal of programs to free up additional space, increase the speed of the device and prevent delays in the Android OS.

• The phone’s cleaning function detects and removes the most voluminous files, multimedia files, applications and unnecessary data from the device.

• Use the ignore list to mark those objects on your device that do not need to be displayed in the delete list
• Manage storage space by optimizing your Android device and increasing its speed

Other features in Avast Cleanup Professional 4:

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• Removing residual files.
• Removing unused applications.
• Clear cache, delete media files and other large files.

• Increased productivity and speed through regular cleaning.
• Removing pre-installed applications and unnecessary data, getting rid of unused resource-intensive programs.

Detox your photo library:

Naturally, recognize and throw out terrible photos to make room. If you are not sure that Avast Cleanup is not 100% safe with terrible photography, you will have the opportunity to consider it.

  • Get free copies, comparatives, old and substandard photos.
  • Optimize photo size and move first to the cloud.
  • Identify the “Best Photo” from the Collection.
Free up storage space:

Clear space debris to accommodate what you need.

  • Clear the app store and other extra entries from Android and your applications, for example, reserves, temporary documents or additional information.
  • See which apps take up the most space.
  • Identify and remove apps you never use again.

Pro version gives access to the following functions:

• Improved photo optimization: control the size and quality of optimized photos by comparing them so you can choose the right settings.
• Automatic cleaning: let Cleanup clean up regularly without interfering with your work to maintain high device performance.
• Disable ads: remove ads from the application.

What’s New in this version:

– In this release, we have improved our ability to detect app data and associate more media folders with popular apps.

NEW! Tune performance:
Hibernation mode prevents the absorption of your resources by hungry applications.

Relax apps to extend battery life and speed up your phone.
Stop applications that consume CPU, battery, memory, and traffic.
Remove pre-submitted viruses and other applications that you never use.

Remove Ads:

  • Direct Avast Support.
  • Topics.
  • Advanced Photo Optimizer.
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • Pro battery life.
  • Increase battery life.
  • Take advantage of your Android battery so you can stay in a hurry longer.

Disable device features that you do not use regularly/
Set profiles to automatically change battery usage depending on where you are (home, work, car).

Program Information:

Year: 2019.
OS: Android ™ 4.1 +.
Interface: Multi.
Cure: not necessary.
Size: 24.3 Mb.

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Avast Cleanup Professional 4.18.0 [Android] Free Download

Avast Cleanup Professional 4.18.0 [Android] Free Download

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