ArtRage 6.0.9 Portable Free Download

ArtRage 6.0.9 Portable Free Download

ArtRage 6 Review:

ArtRage 6 free download is a graphic program designed for drawing on a personal computer and tablet. Graphic editor ArtRage, according to the developers of this software, can create realistic picturesque images. The user will be able, in the process of working with the program, to simulate the drawing process, as if you are drawing on plain paper with tools that are familiar to a real artist, of which this is; pencils, brushes, felt-tip pens, pastels and others, and the sheet on which you will draw is easily rotated, drawn closer and removed.

ArtRage free download – a graphical program designed for drawing on a personal computer, and a tablet. Graphic editor ArtRage, as claimed by the developers of this software, can create realistic picturesque images. The user can, in the process of working with the program, simulate the drawing process, as if you are drawing something on plain paper, tools that are familiar to the real artist, from them it is; Pencils, brushes, markers, pastels and others, and the sheet on which you will draw, easily rotates, approaches and moves away.

Realism of the created image.

ArtRage is designed to provide realistic results using painting tools on the canvas with various tools, such as pens, pencils, brushes and crayons. There is a pressure adjustment applied when drawing with any tool. During operation, the panels are automatically removed, without interfering with the end of the line. You can work with ArtRage, taking advantage of the unique interaction of the pen and screen, which makes it possible to experience the realism of painting.

Features of ArtRage 6 free download:

• only art tools
• supports tablets, angle, pressure
• you can put a sample and draw on it with paints
• scale, transparency is set
• layers and operations on them
• metalized paint (included under the palette of color)
• as a palette, a large selection of built-in
• children like it and it’s easy to learn, intuitive and easy interface

• Symmetric pattern: creates a “mirror” canvas on which strokes that you draw are automatically reflected.
• Tools: in one toolbar, a collection of color palettes, presets, and other tools that you use in the current picture.
• Canvas View: a floating tooltip, a window that displays part or all of the canvas you are working on.
• Scraps: allows you to draw on scraps of canvas, which can be used as a palette for mixing paints or a test sheet.
• Workplace: collapses the entire interface into one panel with a custom space for current tools.
• New design of the tool properties panel: the appearance has been redesigned to improve the workflow and add clarity.
• Clone tool: duplicates a picture with all the properties of the canvas.
• Tile and gradient fill: the new fill tool properties panel allows you to create gradients (smooth color transitions) and tiled patterns.
• Sequential backup
• Control stylus properties
• Perspective distortion of the drawing object
• much more

Key features and functions of ArtRage 6:

• there are tools for painting with paints (Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, Roller, Airbrush, Tube of paint) and curved lines (Pen, Pencil, Felt-tip pen), as well as standard editorial ones like Fill, Clone, Text;
• beautiful and user-friendly interface;
• you can customize the characteristics of the canvas;
• creating your own stencils and stickers (or using existing ones);
• support for a huge number of graphic tablets;
• use of image symmetry through a special panel;
• script support to demonstrate the creation of a particular drawing;
• individual setting of hot keys;
• import and export of PNG, JPG, TIFF and PSD files;
• support for multi-core processors;
• work with layers and support for filters.

Happy tablet owners, the program provides support for pressure and pen angle. WACOM, a leading tablet manufacturer, has included the ArtRage 6 free download lightweight package with some of its tablet models. Layered canvas allows you to lay a sample and draw on it. The sample is set to scale, transparency. Layers and operations on them – all that is needed – blending when applying, filters and brushes PhotoShop and Plugins. From all that has been said, this program, in the opinion of the most respected experts, can be safely recommended for use by any creative person, whether it be a child or an adult, an artist familiar with complex programs or a beginner.

What’s new in ArtRage 6 Free Download:

New tools
ArtRage free download comes with several major new editing and painting tools, including a custom brush designer, Perspective, Guides, and a much more realistic Pencil tool.

ArtRage includes additional image editing effects allowing you to add highlights, drop shadows, emboss, and liquefy effects to a layer. This edition also offers improved speed and processing power, so ArtRage Free download now performs even better at larger sizes and has more stable crash recovery.

  • Custom Brush Tool
  • Custom Brush Designer
  • More Realistic Pencil and Pastel
  • Layer Effects
  • warp
  • Perspective
  • Guides
  • Improved Fill Tool
  • Improved Color Sampler
  • Remove Color Matte Filter
  • Snap Distance for Grids / Guides / Perspective

Improved interface
The entire interface has been redesigned to create a cleaner and more intuitive workspace. Along with a complete reworking of every icon and menu, ArtRage free download includes the option of a sleek ‘Docking’ mode that allows you to fully customize your workspace with floating and docking panels. You can toggle the entire interface into ‘Lights Out’ which gives you dark menus and borders.

We’ve also added in workflow improvements like the ability to rotate your entire painting from the Edit menu, work with multiple documents at once, redesigned the way Transform works and better layer navigation.

  • UI Redesign
  • Docking Mode
  • Lights Out mode
  • Multiple Documents
  • Transform mode

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System Requirements for ArtRage 6 Free Download

  • Operating System: Windows Vista7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 Processor or higher.

Download Links: (85.9 Mb)

ArtRage 6.0.9 Portable Free Download

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