ABA English Premium 4.0.6 [Android]

ABA English premium Apk Review

I present a new application for learning English ABA English Apk. You will have a full English course, including the assistance of a personal trainer, 6 levels of study and 144 modules, which contain everything you need to achieve your goal: speak English!

What is included in ABA English premium Apk course:

– ABA Films: Learn English with our exclusive short films made in London and New York.
– 144 video lessons: an effective and interesting explanation of all English grammar.
– 6 levels of study: from primary to business.
– Lecturer: A personal tutor will help you achieve a higher level of English proficiency by giving instructions and tips based on your learning success.
– Determine your progress: you can evaluate your progress bypassing the test after completing each course module.
– Official certification: after completing each level of these English courses, you will be able to receive an official ABA English premium certificate.
– Multiplatform: you can learn English on a computer, mobile phone or tablet using one account.

The easiest way to learn English with ABA English premium

We took as a basis the principles of the natural method of learning a foreign language through total immersion in the language environment, and created a training system that simulates the same learning process as if you went abroad for this purpose: first you listen and understand, then you start speak and write, and all this is natural and spontaneous!

Discover a unique method of learning English.

Here’s how it works: first you watch ABA Films short films shot in London and New York, then study the dialogues, learn to record them and consistently duplicate the characters by talking with them. You will be able to acquire communication skills in English using examples from everyday situations! The necessary grammatical material to consolidate knowledge and practical exercises can be found at the end of each module.

To use the program, you need to register in it, even if under any data, does not require confirmation, and then calmly learn English!

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