5 Awesome Android Apps You Don’t Know

5 Android Apps Review:

Android Apps in Modern smartphones are capable of performing much more tasks than it seems at first glance. A vivid confirmation of this is our collection of interesting Android Apps solutions that allow you to find the most unexpected use of mobile devices running Android.

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Each of us uses the capabilities of his smartphone in different ways: it depends on the type of activity, range of tasks, interests and other factors. Some in an old-fashioned way is content only with the telephony capabilities of the device, others combine voice communication with social networking, surfing the web and games, others use gadgets for photo and video shooting, navigation, banking operations, reading books. 

5 Awesome Android Apps

Quite a few are those who use a smartphone or tablet in business: to work with electronic correspondence and documents, prompt communication with colleagues and partners, and business development.

 The scope of the application of mobile technology is huge, but few are aware of the existence of products in the Google Play app store. allowing you to look at familiar devices from a completely different side and unleash the full potential of them. Interested? Then read to the illustrated review of the 5 Best Apps You Don’t Know!

Smart Tools Android App:

With this Android App’s help, it will not be difficult to turn a smartphone into a “Swiss Army Knife” and use it as a sound level meter, range finder, vibrometer, metal detector, instrument for measuring light, a thermometer, a radar to measure the speed of moving objects, level, magnifier, metronome, tuning fork, cardiograph and a dozen other useful household tools. 

5 Awesome Android Apps

For the full operation of both programs, support is needed in the mobile device of a whole pile of sensors: light, proximity, accelerometer/gyroscope, magnetometer (digital compass), barometer and others. Of course, you should not count on the accuracy of the measurements made by Smart Tools, but in some cases, such a set of software assistants can do a good job.

Ink Hunter:

No less interesting is Ink Hunter – a Android Apps product for a virtual tattoo fitting before visiting a tattoo parlor. Thanks to the support of technologies of augmented reality (Augmented Reality, AR), the application allows you to see firsthand how this or that tattoo will look on the body from different angles. 

5 Awesome Android Apps

The program provides a set of tattoo sketches for every taste, it is possible to upload custom images.


A music enthusiast can come in a handy Android App for tuning GuitarTuna stringed instruments  . The program automatically recognizes the sound from the microphone of the phone and controls the configuration process. 

5 Awesome Android Apps

Two modes of operation are supported (“professional” and “for beginners”), there is a built-in metronome and a set of games for learning chords and songs on the guitar. With the help of GuitarTuna, even novice musicians will have no difficulty in adjusting the correct sound of the strings of an electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello, banjo, balalaika and many other stringed instruments.

ABBYY FineScanner app

This Android app in smartphone can handle the role of a pocket scanner for documents and books. The product created by a Russian developer allows you to create PDF or JPG files from any printed documents (invoices, certificates, contracts, personal documents). The program has built-in OCR technology that recognizes texts in 193 languages ​​and, with preservation of formatting, uploads results to 12 popular formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF.

5 Awesome Android Apps

 Finished documents can be transferred to any of the eight cloud storages, printed, sent by e-mail, opened in another application for working with PDF. For scanning books and magazines, ABBYY FineScanner has a BookScan feature that automatically divides the photographed spread of the book into two pages, straightens the curvature of lines, removes defects and makes a scanner copy.

Wi-Fi Mouse

Quite a few on Google Play provides applications that allow you to turn an Android gadget into a wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad for a computer and various multimedia devices. 

5 Awesome Android Apps

These unusual solutions include the program  Wi-Fi Mouse using a network connection to transmit control commands. Its distinctive features: support for voice input and multi-touch gestures for the trackpad, as well as the presence of built-in remote control of games, web browsers, PowerPoint presentations and media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp and many others. 

Wi-Fi Mouse supports interaction with devices running Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Before you start working with the application, you need to install on the computer an additional Mouse server software, which can be downloaded from the developers site .

Android App as a Bonus


With the Chemist Android App installed, a  smartphone running Android can also fit for chemical experiments. The program allows you to operate with more than two hundred reagents, pour chemicals into glasses and test tubes, study chemical reactions and conduct various experiments without risk to health – all this in an interactive mode and withdrawing in three-dimensional graphics. 

5 Awesome Android Apps

Also in a virtual laboratory, you can heat up chemicals with a torch and even put a piece of cesium in the water, causing an explosion. For each chemical reaction, a detailed description of the processes taking place is provided. After completing work with Chemist, the user can create a laboratory report with a description of all procedures. The finished document can be saved in the memory of the mobile device or sent to other people.

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