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When you look at new/changed features in 3D Slash crack Free download, you may be disappointed. But only at first glance. Review bu Softiver website team.

Normally, after jumping the version number from 1.1 to 2.0, we expected some spectacular new features in version 2.

3D Slash crack Free download 2020

The goal of 3D Slash was: “Improvement of 3D modeling”, thanks to which 3D modeling has become easy. New and improved features make the 3D bar even easier to use, makes managing 3D objects more fluid and lets you do things you could not do before.

New and improved:

• Logo mode now in a computer application – not just in the web application, as before. In December, the Slash 3D web application received the logo and text mode. In Logo mode, you can import an image file containing the logo – and let 3D Slash create a 3D logo from it. In text mode, you enter and format text, and then pull it out, i.e. the Logo is also in the computer application.

• Selecting and copying / pasting is now easier.

• The color selection has been made.

• Move, resize, flip, can now be done with one click.

• Golden rounded shapes insert STL / OBJ files into the model.

• There is no need to switch between the basic and expert modes – the expert is now in the toolbox. This article is not available in the same language as the Android application (except for 3D Slash 1.x, it lacked the Expert function of the web application) – exception: text mode is currently unavailable only in the web application.

• New high definition mode: In standard resolution mode, you can only select ankle sizes from 1/2 to 32 mm (just like in basic mode in 3D Slash 1.x). If you need more precise work, click the plus icon in the upper right corner and switch from standard resolution to high resolution. It adds smaller sizes (1/8 and ¼) to the Size toolbar.

3D Slash Review

Explaining the 3D Slash free download

3D Slash is a free and easy-to-use 3D modeling software that allows you to create models using a simple concept of structural elements. It seems that it is inspired by the video game Minecraft, which consists of placing and breaking blocks.

3D modeling is not witch, but it is fucked. Learning can be difficult and you will have to spend hours before mastering this skill. That’s what we thought until we looked at 3D Slash, a brilliant 3D modeling software, fun to use and that gives us useful results in an hour or two.

We managed to create very simple models for 3D printing without spending hours learning the software. According to the aesthetics of Minecraft, you can build your models by adding and removing pixels with blocks. The level of detail of these models can be as simple or as complicated as you want. We could also edit an existing STL file that we downloaded from Thingiverse by selecting and deleting useless details that we did not want to print.

3D Slash Review

A simple iPad stand created in the Slash 3D web application The use of the software is quite easy. There were trials and errors, but after following the instructions on the 3D Slash page, everything worked exactly as planned.

If you are already familiar with classic 3D modeling software, such as SketchUp, Blender, or FreeCAD, you may not be looking for many features, such as extrusion, rotation, assembly, patterns, and the like. editing and formatting text. 3D Slash just does not have these functions.

But when you understand how a software works, you will not miss these advanced features. Others can simply be reproduced – for example, the commands “copy-paste” and “push” can imitate the embossing.

Slash 3D Free download + Review: How does it work?

You start with a rectangular prism, a solid block that can be divided into smaller blocks. 3D cutting uses an octave system, that is, each block can be divided into eight blocks of identical size. Each of the eight blocks can be divided into eight other sub-blocks and so on.

You create a 3D model similar to a stonemason. You start with a solid block and use a hammer tool to remove so-called cubes – these are small blocks of various sizes. If you need, you can use Trowelto to add cubes. The size of the cube can be selected next to the tool.

However, it should be remembered that only cubes can be added to the original block – which makes sense, because the original block is the maximum print size.

Use the mouse to rotate or move the model and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel or zooming slider.

There are more tools:

* The Chisel tool (or Cisor, as called 3D Slash) removes a row of cubes (or “slice of bars”, as they call it).

* Pulpwood tool adds a row of cubes.

* The drill removes everything from the selected area.

* Undo and redo (only on the left without keyboard shortcuts).

A set of 3D Slash tools (we’ve highlighted new features)

What we found with a tool such as a selected hammer did not require selecting a turning tool. Just hold down the left mouse button and you can rotate the block.

New in 3D Slash 1.1 free download:


Some new buttons have been added to version 1.1: Paint the cubes (brush icon). Fill in color (bucket icon). I want to use the same color – that is, all cubes of the same color.

Choosing a color (pipette icon) is a color picker: choose a color. Adjust the current color (plus icon) so that the changed color replaces the original color. In version 1.1, it is not possible to reset the colors to the original configuration.

Why increase the complexity by adding colors? Finally, FDM and SLA Bridge printers can print only one color.

3D Slash Review


• Two-nozzle FDM printers can print two colors. The 3D slash now supports it.

• Children are one of the target groups of the 3D slash. The ability to color 3D models is more enjoyable. Added colors: more fun and a better understanding of your model (photo: 3Dslash.net)

Zone selection

As with other software tools, you select the areas you want to work on. For example, delete them with a drill or fill in the selected area. You can also copy, push, or drag the area.

The choice is different from, for example, a graphics software or a 3D software: 3D Slash has three lines. Use the red line to specify the width. the blue cursor determines the depth; and using the green slider (to the right of the window), select the height of the selection.

Each line has two “sliders”. The drawings on the sliders indicate the coordinates of the selected object.

Rendering modes

There are three rendering modes (selected through the second tool from the top):

  • Solid mode displays only what is visible from the outside
  • The two “in between” modes display the selected area as solid and the rest in wireframe (that is the mode displayed in the screenshot above) – by switching between the two modes you switch the selection.
3D Slash Review

Creating new models, or editing existing ones

3D Slash allows you to create models from scratch – you simply select the size of the block from which you cut out cubes. The software supports blocks of up to 256 x 256 x 256mm.

Of course, you can edit existing 3D Slash files you have created, or other files shared on the 3D Slash community.

Plus, you can also import STL files to edit them. This comes in handy when you have an STL file that doesn’t have exactly the size you need, or if you need to add details, or has details you’d prefer to remove.

Another nice feature is that 3D Slash allows you to open images to use as a blueprint, or for inspiration.

3D Slash crack Free download 2020

3D Slash Review: Conclusion

If you’re new to 3D modeling, you must try 3D Slash. It is a powerful, deceptively simple application that contains a wide selection of fun tools.

We learned that 3D modeling does not have to be a witch. It can also be fun. And yet extremely productive.

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