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3D Coat 4.8 Review:

3D Coat crack is a powerful and efficient editor program for three-dimensional modeling, drawing, sculpting and general modeling of objects, shapes, and characters. Effective digital toolkit program works great on creating textured organic, or mechanical 3D-models. Get for free in Softiver website.

3D Coat crack

The sculpted sculpting technology, VoxelSculpting, will allow the user to create complex parts from the allocated spacewithout any topological limitations. You can dynamically change your sculpturewithout worrying about topology – this approach gives freedom to work withsculpture.

3D Coat Free Install, is a powerful and effective program editor for 3D modeling, drawing, sculpting and general modeling of objects, shapes and characters. An effective digital program toolkit works great to create, textured organic, or mechanical 3D models. The sculpted sculpting technique, Voxel Sculpting, will allow the user to create complex details from the allocated space, without any topological restrictions. You can dynamically change your sculpture without worrying about topology – this approach gives you freedom in working with sculpture.

Some of the features of 3D Coat:

• You can start creating models withoutthinking about the topology, Voxel Sculpting technology will help you withthis.

• In the process of texturing, integrationwith Adobe Photoshop helps very well

• The imposition of effects is greatlysimplified, due to the fact that the program allows you to split the texturesinto layers.

• 3DConnexion 3D manipulators facilitatecontrol support

• Layers have depth, color, and mirrorimage. You can disable or enable any of these channels and apply effects tothem – wiping, transparency, contrast, depth animation, etc.

• It is possible to draw through UV aseasily as on 3D models. Almost all tools can do this.

• Each pen has many channels – color,depth, mirror and grater.

• It is possible to fill areas withgradient and spherical fill.

• Filters for image correction and previewof the result in 3D.

• Text overlay is possible. The text islocated along the spline, you can even write text around the entire object.

3D Coat 4 Extra Features:

• You can draw not only with a brush, but also with the help of a path, rectangle or ellipse.

• The ability to render with smoothing,setting global lighting, depth of field and soft shadows. As a custombackground for the scene, gradient fill, image can be used.

• Integration with third-party programs:Nuke, Fusion, Maya, 3Ds Max, Softimage, Houdini, Cinema4d, LW, Modo, etc.

• Support for a wide range of formats: tga, bmp, png, jpg, dds, tif, tiff, exr, ptex, svg, eps. spline, obj, lwo, fbx, stl, ply, dae, wrl, etc.

Why is it awesome?

Texturing and rendering

– Live viewing with HDRL

– Smart materials with convenient settings

– Several layers of paint. Popular blendingmodes. Layer groups

– Close interaction with Photoshop

– Texture size up to 16k

– Calculation of quick occlusion andcurvature maps

– A rich set of tools for all drawing tasks and much more.

Pixel by pixel drawing

This is a fast and accurate coloring method, it allows you to layer-by-layer colorize and create displacement maps on low-poly and high-poly objects without distorting the original geometry. Advanced retopologization tools will allow you to fill holes and complete the retopology of your fingertips or tails with one click. UV mapping tools allow you to rotate, move, scale individual “UV-islands”, automatically or manually make UV-layout.

What’s new in 3d Coat :

Changes in the program in this version. Mytranslation / Changes in the program in this version. My translation

– Essential improvement of the models array in curves/splines. Now models will be placed very uniformly along the spline. Full specification is there.

– Snapping for curves imporoved a lot –SHIFT snapping, distance snapping, vertical / horizontal alignment snapping.

– More safe zipping of 3B files. Now 3Bfile will be saved as is, without zipping. Then zipping thread starts. As soonas it will be finished, original file will be replaced with zipped one (rename,not copy). If crash will happen, unzipped version will remain.

– IncRes subdivides mesh correctly, so thatsculpting remains very fast after the operation. Generally, use Geometry->Cleanup memory if something start to lag during the sculpting process.

– Soft booleans for free form primitives aswell.

– Soft booleans for volumes (in RMB menu)

– Possibility to relocate 3D-Coat’s datafolder in Edit menu.

– Significant improvement in the array ofmodels in curves / splines. Now the models will be located very evenly alongthe spline. Full specification.

– Snapping for curves is much improved. –SHIFT shift, distance snapping, vertical / horizontal alignment snapping.

– More secure archiving of 3B files. Nowthe 3B file will be saved as is, without archiving. Then archiving begins. Onceit is finished, the original file will be replaced with the archived one(rename, not copy). If a failure occurs, the unzipped version will remain.

– IncRes separates the grid correctly sothat the sculpture remains very fast after the operation. Typically, useGeometry-> Cleanup memory if something starts to lag during the sculptingprocess.

– Soft logical values ​​for free-formprimitives.

– Soft logical values ​​for volumes (in theRMB menu)

– Ability to move the folder with 3D-Coat data in the “Edit” menu.

3d coat System requirements:

Processor: 1.2 GHz and higher

RAM: 512Mb (4096 recommended)

Video card: Radeon 9200 / Nvidia 5600 128Mb(256 recommended) or better

DirectX 9.0c or higher

3d Coat 3d Coat 3d Coat4.8.40.64

Information about the program (file):

Title: 3D Coat

Key: yes

Size: 765 Mb


Release Year: 2019

File type: RAR archive

Interface language: Ml / Eng & etc

Operating System: Windows® / 7 / 8-10 (x64)

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